Nielsson Freight
FoundedTawanda Kabasa
Headquarters13 km peg Masvingo, road Waterfalls, Harare, Zimbabwe
Productstransport, warehousing, logistics

Nielsson Freight Private Limited is a transport and logistics company founded by Tawanda Kabasa . The company has a fleet of haulage trucks and transports fuel and different consignments in the SADC region. Nielsson Freight is headquartered inside Boka Tobacco auction floors situated at 13km peg Masvingo road Waterfalls, Harare.

Company Background and History

Nielsson Freight is a well-established road freight transport and courier company. The business transports a variety of general cargo, goods and fuel across the Southern African region. Through its various strategic linkages, partnerships and associate company, customer logistics and supply chain reach is extended to beyond Zimbabwe’s borders. The company’s reputation is founded on developing intelligent and tailor-made solutions for our diversified customers by leveraging processes, people, technology and infrastructure, and the strength of its strategic partnerships and alliances.



NIELSON FREIGHT mission is to become the recognized leader in Zimbabwe and Southern Africa’s transport industry for long and short distance trucking and transportation of goods.


Nielsson Freight aims to provide affordable, one-stop logistical and warehousing services for all types of road transportation in Zimbabwe and the SADC- region. We strive to be the most successful transportation and Logistics Company in the industry and to continually grow our company and improve our market share by offering competitive rates in conjunction with superior service, optimal use of available resources, innovation and cost saving initiatives.

Our Values

  • Maintaining service excellence
  • Providing superior transport and *supply chain solutions according to each customer’s needs
  • Treating staff and customers with respect and honesty
  • A high quality staff (vetted by extensive background checks)
  • Developing new and innovative ways to safely and cost effectively transport cargo.
  • Offering customers a dedicated, personalised service

Commitment to clients

What makes doing business with NIELSON FREIGHT even more convenient is the fact that the business helps client’s save time and money by offering various forms of value added services. The company is committed to provide the highest level of transportation services as well as safe and timely deliveries, with fair and competitive pricing while providing a safe workplace for employees and maintaining integrity, fairness and honesty with customers and business partners.

Result Driven expertise

At Nielsson, our size allows us to retain maximum agility, customer focus and an entrepreneurial flair that typifies small businesses.

Delivery performance and tracking

To ensure the continued delivery of our high quality and prompt services, the following measures are in place:

  • Driver performance is continually monitored using modern surveillance techniques and management devices in all vehicles.
  • Details of each trip are recorded and assessed to ensure the safety of the drivers, vehicles and goods transported
  • Delivery times on all routes are strictly monitored
  • Our centralised operations office constantly monitors all vehicles to ensure proper fleet management. Our office communicates with our clients on a regular basis.
  • All trucks are equipped with mobile phones and tracking devices

Quality of Service

NIELSON FREIGHT provides customers with courteous, prompt, and dependable service. The company has built up a reputation for timely deliveries and the best drivers in the industry. Competitive Rates The business will always endeavour to provide competitive rates to its customers, because it strives to keep costs as low as possible, without sacrificing on service quality.


NIELSON FREIGHT tends to go out of its way to deliver goods on time and have highly trained and dedicated staff which ensures smooth running of operations. The key is not to over promise and under deliver, but to be honest and transparent at all times. Package handling by maintaining dependable and safe equipment, the company ensures that there is no damage to customer's cargo. Our most important key to maintaining and developing successful business relationships and operations is the ability to consistently deliver high quality transport services at affordable prices. And with the persistent rise in fuel prices, management continually develop and implement cost effective and efficient strategies to minimize customer rate increases.

Products and Services

NIELSON FREIGHT provides long distance transport and clearing services to its clients from Zimbabwe, South Africa, Mozambique and the Democratic Republic of Congo. We offer the following services.

  • Cargo transportation services
  • Fuel transportation and distrubution
  • Storage and warehousing services
  • Load consolidation services
  • Clearing and forwarding of goods
  • Local collections and deliveries to various warehouses for load consolidation
  • Insurance on goods to the value of the declared invoices - We have Marine Cargo insurance

in place with a Limit of Liability of up to 150,000.00 UNITED STATES DOLLARS.

Warehousing solutions

Nielsson Freight, through strategic partnerships are able to provide warehousing services in the country. We can deliver flexible warehousing solutions for our customers. Dedicated or shared warehousing services include bondage and container handling.

Freight forwarding and clearing

Warehousing .jpg

Nielsson Freight is an export, import and transhipment expert, able to offer a comprehensive range of freight forwarding, customs clearance and custom brokerage services by utilising our strategic alliances. Our strategic partners employ advanced administration systems that ensure minimal administrative burden for customers, while delivering real-time information.

Fuel transportation

Tankers .jpg

Nielsson Freight is a rapidly expanding fuel transporting entity in the SADC region. Supported by a diverse fleet articulated with 40 000 ltr aluminium tankers of which all 7 of these are spec’d to carry Jet A1. Nielsson Freight transports petroleum products locally as well as regionally from Mozambique or South Africa up into Zambia and the Democratic Republic of Congo.



Nielsson Freight is equipped with a well maintained fleet of the following horses and trailers;

  • Two Volvo Horse (one is based in South Africa at our associate-company
  • Ten Scania G460 Horse (one is based in South Africa at our associate company
  • Two Taut Liner super link 34ton Trailers (one based in South Africa).
  • Two Flat Deck 34ton Trailers (one based in South Africa)
  • Seven fuel tankers 34ton trailers interlinks, 40 000 ltr aluminium and spec’d to carry Jet A1.

Our trucks and trailers undergo regular maintenance in order to ensure a high quality, efficient and prompt service. A high level of driver training maintains the excellent standard of our fleet.


Our Associate in South Africa

Because South Africa is a key player and important hub in regional trade, Nielsson Transport saw it appropriate to establish an associate company in South Africa to take care our needs there. Our associate company in South Africa is called Hillcrest Haulage (PVT) Ltd. Tawanda Kabasa, the Managing Director of Nielsson Freight, represents Nielsson in Hillcrest Haulage (Pty) Ltd where he is also a Director. As a result of our local presence in South Africa, we are able to leverage on that to ensure that our clients receive a seamless service that is free from the administrative red tape experienced by foreign truckers operating in or passing through the South African market.

Health and safety


We are committed to ensuring that the cargo of our customers reaches all destinations safely and without any setbacks. Similarly, the health and safety of all our employees is very important to us. ln this regard, extensive occupational Health and safety procedures have been implemented, and all Health and Safety regulations are strictly adhered to. We have implemented a strict Alcohol and Drug Policy, arid random checks are implemented throughout on all personnel. A policy of "No Tolerance" is enforced.

Embracing green growth

Nielsson Freight fully embraces practical, new, green logistics' approaches and technologies. We operate our trucks using an advanced oil management system that extends oil changes, resulting in 83% less oil going off site. ln addition, we use bio-degradable fuels and environmentally friendly vehicle cleaning products; leverage compliance with road freight regulations at all times. Our preference is for vehicles that generate fuel savings and reduce carbon emissions.



We remain fully committed to providing customers exceptional service with matching competitive pricing at all times. Contact Mr. T Kabasa for a quote on Cell. +263 773459130 or email

Company Ownership and Structure

NIELSSON FREIGHT is registered in Zimbabwe under the companies Act [chapter 24:03].The company is owned and managed by both Mr. T Kabasa and Mrs. C.Sikoti, who are both blessed with entrepreneurial acumen. The company's management is minimal in order to keep the overheads low. Together, management have more than 10 years of experience within the transport industry and with Mr. T Kabasa and Mrs. C.Sikoti, as Managing Director/Financial Manager, the company will continue to tap into his resilience and determination which is the driving force behind the business’ growth. NIELSON FREIGHT’s labour force consists of semi-skilled to skilled employees and up skilling is taking place on a regular basis. A Personal Development Plan (PDP) is developed for all staff in line with the implementation of a Performance Management System throughout the organization.

Organisational structure

Its head office and main Zimbabwe is located just outside Harare, with three other fully equipped depots; one in South Africa. The company has a total permanent staff compliment of 15 employees. The Nielsson Freight team is well-versed in the field of transport freight logistics and supply chain solutions' Nielsson is truly regional in its reach, which extends beyond the country’s borders into the SADC region. Our expertise can be categorised into delivery of consistent fundamentals and tangible value-addition. We know that getting the basics right is critical to the optimal performance of the supply chain. We also know that by delivering on these fundamentals, supply chain integration is enabled and effective.


Cognisant of the wider socio-economic environment in which we operate, Nielsson Freight is committed to positively impacting people. Through our modest corporate social responsibility (CSR) programmes, we apply a hands-on approach to nurture sustainable community development. ln addition to a range of initiatives to ensure the health and safety to Nielsson Freight' employees, our primary focus areas are HIV/Aids and poverty alleviation, through which we invest in education-based initiatives.