Nobert Mafumhe Mutasa
BornNobert Mafumhe Mutasa
  • Novelist
Years active1978-2004
ChildrenLexta Mafumhe Mutasa

Nobert Mafumhe Mutasa

The late Nobert Mafumhe Mutasa was a renowned Shona novelist who published eleven novels and former Chief Executive Officer at Shurugwi Rural District Council. He died in 2004.

Family and Background

Mutasa was a polygamist with eight wives and about fifty two children.He went to Kutama college and when he got to form two,he wanted to do Shona but he discovered that there was lack of reading material in that language and tasked himself to start writing books.When he died in 2004 he left no will and his creative unpublished works remained scattered within his family and nobody has gathered them for possible publication.


Nobert Mutasa’s first book was "Mapatya" published in 1978. Mutasa penned eleven books including the old world trilogy “Mapatya”, “Runako Munjodzi” and “Hondo Huru”. Some of his books were popular as Shona literature study material at schools.The eleventh book by Mutasa was a Shona children’s story titled “Kushereketa Kwepwere Nemapere” which was translated into English and it was published by Zimbabwe Publishing House (ZPH) as “The Dangerous Journey” in 2000.[1]

Personal Life

Mutasa was a Polygamist


  • Mapatya (1978)(105 pages)
  • Nhume Yamambo
  • Runako Munjodzi
  • Hondo Huru ("Mambo Press,Gweru"; 1983)
  • Benzi Ritsiudzwe Ridzoke ("Mambo Press,Gweru"; 1988)
  • Kushereketa Kwepwere Nemapere
  • The Dangerous Journey ("Zimbabwe Publishing House;2000)

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