Nomatter "Kit Kat" Zinyengere

Farai Nomatter "Kit Kat" Zinyengere known as Sophisticated Hustler on social media, is the friend of the late Zimbabwean businessman and socialite Genius Kadungure popularly known as Ginimbi.


Real Name

Nomatter Zinyengere


Kit Kat was born on 3 December.[1]


Zinyengere is the director of a South African registered company called KAT Group, which was incorporated in August 2019.[2] He was in charge of sourcing gas from South Africa under Ginimbi's Piko Trading.[3]

Role In Ginimbi's Estate

When Ginimbi died, Kit Kat filed an unsigned will at the Master of High Court. According to the unsigned will Ginimbi left Kit Kat a Lamborghini and placed all other assets under a family trust named the Genius Kadungure Trust.

On 25 November 2020, at least 10 people including Ginimbi’s father and his two sisters, Zodwa Mkandla and Zinyengere met at the Master of High Court’s office in Harare where they unanimously agreed on using the unsigned document for the administration of the estate. Patricia Darangwa was appointed as the executor in terms of the will. [2]

In February 2021, Ginimbi's family accused Darangwa of doctoring the late businessman's will. The family approached the High Court where they filed an urgent application to stop the administration of an alleged will pending the court’s decision over why the Master of High Court appointed Darangwa as the testamentary. Ginimbi’s sisters Juliet, Neria and father Anderson were applicants in the matter whilst Darangwa and Master of High Court were cited as respondents.[4]

In March 2021, Ginimbi's ex-wife Zodwa Mkandla accused Kit Kat of hiding a Bentley Continental GT in South Africa. Zodwa through her lawyers wrote to Zinyengerere asking him to surrender the car so that it could be registered with the Master of High Court as required in terms of the Administration of Estates Act and surrendered to the Executor.

Zodwa bought the car from the UK in 2013, while Ginimbi paid for duty in Zimbabwe. Zodwa’s legal team, Venturas and Samkange wrote to Zinyengere’s lawyers, Shomwe-Nyakuedza Attorneys with the demand.

Zodwa availed proof in form of all the paperwork from the purchase of the vehicle in the UK to the shipping from Southampton to Walvis Bay in Namibia and all documents bear the name Traverze Travel. She also dismissed claims that the Bentley might have been sold while Ginimbi was still alive.[5]


In June 2021, Kit Kat was hospitalized in South Africa after testing positive for Covid-19 and friends collected donations to help pay his hospital bills.

He struggled to pay the hospital bills which were R250 000. A leaked picture from a WhatsApp group seeking donations circulated on social media. The picture showed a list of donations made by some influential people including socialite Pokello. The message read:

“Good morning. We have our beloved brother Kitty in hospital with Covid and his bills are quite high, over R250 000. We are kindly asking for any donations to assist with his medical bill.”

Another message posted in the group was that of a list of people who had donated. The list included businesswoman Zodwa Mkandla who donated R30 000, Pokello donated R20 000, Uncle Roland Muchengwa donated R30 000.

From the donations on the picture, the group raised R330 157. Nehanda Radio sought comment from three of the people who were said to have donated and it appeared the list was not supposed to be leaked and the donations were meant to be a private affair.[6]


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