Nomsa Munyeza

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From left: Nomsa Munyeza, Shingi Munyeza and Wilma Munyeza

Nomsa Munyeza is the daughter of Zimbabwean pastor and businessman Shingi Munyeza.


Nomsa is the only daughter of Shingi and Wilma Munyeza.


She was born on 9 March 1996.[1]


In December 2019 she was married to Taka Jambo.[2]

Nomsa Munyeza and Taku Jambo (middle)


She studied Hospitality Management Studies at the Swiss Hotel Management School.

Cheating Scandal

Commenting on her father's Facebook post, Nomsa accused Shingi Munyeza of being evil for cheating on his wife Wilma. Consequently, Munyeza resigned and stepped down from his position of Pastor at Faith Ministries Church.

In a terse statement, Munyeza did not go into any details about his failings but took full responsibility and admitted that he had fallen. While he did not explicitly say that the had cheated on his wife, he conceded that he had failed his wife and daughter. He also stressed that as a leader, he must be held accountable for his failings and said that he is stepping down for the good of the church.


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