Nyazura Adventist High School is in Nyazura, Makoni District, Manicaland Province.

Nyazura Adventist School

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Address: 203Km Peg, Harare- Mutare Road, Ward 17, Makoni District, Nyazura.
Private Bag 56 Nyazura.
Telephone: Tel: 02583-581 Administration
Head: 02583-535 / 0773 204 854
Deputy Head: 0772 848 605
Business Manager: 0773 037 173
Email: admin@nyazura.adventist.org, accounts@nyazura.adventist.org
Web: http://www.nahs.ac.zw/ eLearning Portal: http://www.nahs.ac.zw/elearning/

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School Grounds

  • Administrative

Nyazura High has one Admin block with a board room, the staff room is with the classroom blocks.

  • Learning

Three classes per stream from form 1 up to form 4. ‘A’ Level has an Arts, Commercials and Science Class. There are special rooms in the following subject areas: Science Labs; Physics, Biology, Junior and senior labs
Computer Lab Computer Centre - Nyazura High School is an accredited ICDL Centre. We offer - ICDL and Computer Studies and Internet Service.
Fashion and Fabrics
Food and Nutrition

  • Boarding

Nyazura High School offers boarding facilities to both boys and girls from form 1 up to U6. It has no laundry facilities, students do their own laundry. Our diet is strictly vegetarian.

  • E – Learning Initiatives

The school is trying to be abreast with the E-Learning spell that has caught the world. They are currently using a software for e-library which is user friendly, educative and students won`t visit non-educational sites.

  • Farm

There was maize under and sugar beans last cropping season. Horticulture products on sale now are: peas, leaf vegetables (tsunga, spinach, rape & covo). There is also sweet potatoes, bananas and sugarcane for our students and to sell to the outside community.

Students / Teachers / Courses

  • O`Level: Shona ,History, Maths ,Accounts, Food & Nutrition, Fashion & Fabrics Geography , Religious Education Science ,English , Agriculture, Chemistry Physical Science, Computers, Building, P.E.S, Woodwork, G&C
  • A`Level: Shona ,History, Maths ,Accounts, Geography , English Literature ,MOB, Agriculture, Chemistry, Physics, Computers, Biology, Textile & Dressing, Divinity, G&C.

Sport Disciplines Offered

  • Football
  • Netball
  • Volley Ball
  • Handball
  • Basket Ball
  • Rugby
  • Tennis
  • Music

Sports Philosophy
Nyazura Adventist high sport philosophy is recreational rather than competitive.
Although winning is good, we thrive to teach our pupils team work, fair play and modest social interaction through sport.


Founders Day, sports day, extra-curricular activities.


Famous names associated with the school.

Other information

  • Mission Statement

To offer a Spiritual, Intellectual, Physical and Social Adventist education that develops persons for service in this world and candidacy for the world to come.

  • Vision

To produce first class citizens of this world and the world to come.

  • Values

To achieve this goal, Nyazura Mission students, teachers and workers who are:

  • Self disciplined
  • Devoted and dedicated
  • Professional
  • Team work lovers
  • Eschewers of evil

Motto - Higher Still Higher

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