The Ocean City Band was a music grouop formed in 1978 and was led by Safirio ‘Mukadota’ Madzikatire. Madzikatire decided to name the band Ocean City after one of his favourite horses. Saxophonist Philip Svosve became the frontman of the Ocean City Band in 1981 after Safirio Madzikatire left the band. At that time the band brought in James Chimombe and Daram Karanga who had been in their own band called Hallelujah Chicken Runn Band.

In the 80’s James Chimombe became the lead singer of the band and they were resident at Club HideOut 99 owned by Paul Tangi Mhova Mkondo. This is the time when great hits were made such as Zvaitika, Bindura and Siya Wawoneka.

In 1983, the band released its first album, Mukomana Wekuseri, which featured hits like Africa Hamuna Rugare, Zuva, Mukoma and Pfumojena.

The Ocean City band backed Oliver Mtukudzi for seven months in 1983 and they recorded Tuku’s album, Please Ndapota.