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Ocean Heart Environmental Consultancy is one of Zimbabwe's leading environmental consultancies and they guide their clients through regulatory requirements with care to find the best and most cost effective solutions.


Ocean Heart Environmental Consultancy was formed in July of 2014 with a mission to inspire sustainable development and compliance with environmental legislation. The consultancy team comprises of individuals with vast experience working in both public and private sectors. The team has combined knowledge, skills and techniques to do environmental or social projects from small, medium to large scale effectively and efficiently.[1]


Environmental Impact Assessment

Environmental Impact Assessment is a tool used to define, quantify and evaluate the potential and known impacts of human activities on ecosystems. It is used as a decision-making or planning tool which helps to determine whether or not a proposed project or land use activity should proceed and how it should proceed. It allows for independent decision making in light of detailed environmental and socio-economic studies and public comment. It can be undertaken according to Zimbabwe legislation, the Environmental Management Act Chapter 20:27 and international standards which can be World Bank Standards.

Compilation of Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA)

This involves guidance on the document presentation to articulate important aspects to be discussed concerning the impacts.

Environmental Compliance Audits and Quarterly Reports

Environmental audits are conducted to review the site's/company's legal compliance status in an operational context. Compliance audits generally begins with determining the applicable compliance requirements against which the operations will be assessed and if the environmental benefits are maximised through good practice. An environmental audit report will be produced which contains a declaration of environmental performance and environmental position. These audits are carried out according to client's requirements, Environmental Management Systems, polices and legislative requirements. The company will produce, on behalf of clients quarterly reports based on the operations and approved EIA as well as the compliance audits observations.

Environmental Training

Environmental management and sustainable development training courses are provided for Environmental Impact Assessment Consultants, employees and organizations of all types. Topics and duration of training can be designed according to the client's requirements and can be performed at client's facility or held at an external venue.

Environmental Legislation Reviews

This involves the compilation of an environmental legislation register for a company to understand what its legal obligations are with respect to environmental legislation. The company carries out an assessment of a company and its activities and provides the company with the list of environmental legislation they need to abide by and the actions they must take in order to meet the legal requirements.

Mine Closure Planning

Mine closure planning involves planning effectively for the rehabilitation of the landscape after all mining operations. The company will facilitate the planning and costing of post closure operations to ensure effective management of residual impacts.

Environmental Rehabilitation

Developmental activities involve disturbance of the natural environment which should be rehabilitated as required by the Environmental Management Act (CAP 20; 27). The rehabilitation process will include assessment of the extent of degradation, the required resources for rehabilitation and the rehabilitation plan of action to return the environment to an acceptable natural state.

Legal Compliance and Operating Permits/Licenses

The company can assist in ensuring environmental legal compliance and advice on certificates that maybe needed before operations commence.

Giving guidance on environmental issues

The company assists mining operations and other industries on management of environmental issues to comply with environmental regulations. This will assist clients in reducing environmental fees and penalties paid to the Environmental Management Agency.

Implementation of ISO standards (ISO 14001, 31000, 9001) and OSHAS 18001

This involves developing a management system which will assist the organization to harmonize all its activities into one integrated system.(Development of standardised templates, disaster recovery plans)

Completed Projects

  • Environmental Impact Assessment for Alpes Mine 8 in Mazowe.
  • Environmental Impact Assessment for Bhora Mugedhi Residential Development in Budiriro.
  • Environmental Impact Assessment for Pivot Gold Mining in Bindura.
  • Environmental Impact Assessment for Blue Gold Drilling .
  • Environmental Impact Assessment for Bondfields Ruwa Oil Plant.
  • Environmental Impact Assessment for Chembira Chitubu Housing Project.
  • Environmental Impact Assessment for Duoflex Asphalt.
  • Environmental Impact Assessment for Ecosee Bio Fertilizer Plant in Marondera.
  • Environmental Impact Assessment for KS Trust Garden Flats.
  • Environmental Impact Assessment for Masotsha Ndlovu Shopping Mall.
  • Environmental Impact Assessment for NOIC – JETA1 at Robert Mugabe International Airport .
  • Environmental Impact Assessment for NOIC – LPG Bulk storage Terminal in Ruwa.
  • Environmental Impact Assessment for Petroleum Ranger Service Station in Norton and in Glendale (Mazowe).
  • Environmental Impact Assessment for Richmond Mine- Chihota and Dunine Exploration.
  • Environmental Impact Assessment for Unifresh Cowash Abattoir.
  • Environmental Impact Assessment for Women’s Housing Development in Chinhoyi.
  • Environmental Impact Assessment for ZIMCN Radnor Mine in Makaha, Mudzi Rural District Council.
  • Environmental Impact Assessment for proposed Kirkman Road Shopping Mall.
  • Environmental Impact Assessment for proposed Mayfield Phase 1 Cluster Homes.
  • Environmental Impact Assessment for Pivot Gold Mining in Bindura.
  • Environmental Impact Assessment for Blackfire Resources.


  • 5 Kent Road, Avondale,Harare, Zimbabwe
  • Telephone: +263 242 333249
  • Telephone: +263 8644 278581
  • Mobile 1: +263 773 441 356
  • Mobile 2: +263 775 769 540
  • E-mail: info@oceanheartenviro.co.zw
  • Website: www.oceanheartenviro.co.zw


  1. [1], Ocean Heart Environmental Consultancy, Accessed: 15 September, 2020