Old Marimba Park Suburb

From Pindula

Old Marimba Park Suburb (Kuma Judah) was a Smith’s Rhodesian Government initiative which began in 1961 as a 766 acres designated area for the Elite African Millionaires ( Rhodesian dollar was stronger than the Pound Sterling that time), to establish their mansions (182 stands were initially made available) as they were not allowed to buy property in the low density suburbs such as Borrowdale, Highlands and Chisipite. Stand's had to be paid in full cash before allocation was done.Foreign architects and interior designers were brought in to design the houses. At the time the Marimba Housing development project was known over the world and was a marvel. About 200 mansions were built in a year, with full payment in cash. This project was guaranteed by Smith's Rhodesian government, and this gave confidence to the international construction community to get involved. It was very successful, as all the businessmen paid the money required within 6 months. This project was on the seperate but equal policy. Prime Minister Abel Muzorewa, General Josiah Tongogara lived here. In Nigeria, the Lekki project is similarly based on this project.