Olinda Chapel is a Zimbabwean entrepreneur, social media personality and former wife of Zim Hip Hop rapper, Stunner. In March 2018 she was married to Tytan in the UK where she is based.

Olinda Chapel
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BornOlinda Nyaradzo Chapel
August 14, 1983 -->



She was born Olinda Nyaradzo Chapel on the 14th of August 1983.[1]. In an interview with media personality Ruvheneko Parirenyatwa, Olinda revealed that she had her first child in 2001 when she was still 17 .[2] According to the same interview Olinda was previously married for 10 years. She did not reveal the name of her husband but she said that she did not enjoy her first marriage. She came out of that marriage with a lot of anger.[2]

On 3 April 2016 Olinda was traditionally married to controversial rapper Desmond Chideme, better known as Stunner. She was revealed as Stunner's fiance on Valentine's Day in 2016 with her revealing that the rapper had paid $16 000 for lobola. [3] Olinda has two children a boy and a girl from the time before she met Stunner. According to Stunner, Olinda had two failed marriages prior to getting married to Stunner. Stunner revealed this when he made his own video hitting back at Olinda after they started having marital problems. Olinda ended up having beef over this situation with another U.K. based socialite and former top model Chantel Mungofa.

In March 2018, Her fiancee Tytan paid lobola for her and they eventually wedded.

Business Interests

In the interview with Ruvheneko, Olinda revealed that she runs her own company in the United Kingdom which specialises in the recruitment of professionals for the health sector. She said she is the sole director of Gain Health Care, a company which specialises in recruiting staff for different health and social care sectors. She also revealed that she is involved in medical supplies. [4]

On the 25th of February 2017, using her Facebook page, Olinda revealed that she was now a Company director and major shareholder for Nikoz Recruitment Ltd which specialises in the Education sector. She said that she was happy to join a well established team. She revealed that one of her first moves would be to recruit teachers from Zimbabwe, South Africa, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and any other part of the world on a tier 2 work permit and move across the borders. She said that the emphasis was on Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry teachers.[5]


Marital Problems with Stunner

Olinda Chapel breaks down on camera as she discloses the state of her broken relationship with rapper Stunner in January 2016

In an emotional video, Olinda dumped Stunner saying that he was using her money to cheat on her with teenage girls. She also mentioned that: ̽She stood by him, even when the whole world said that stunner was an “ass” Stunner’s life was going downhill and she lifted him up with hard-earned work and sweat Olinda paid for the house that they stay in, yet stunner brings girlfriends in the same house. Stunner never had a headboard Olinda paid for the car that Stunner crashed with last year. All the other cars that Stunner drives are bought for her. She paid for Stunner’s Album launch. She paid for all the drinks at Pabloz night club. She almost died during cosmetic surgery trying to make stunner happy Stunner called her fat and overweight. Stunner is only on top of the world because of her.

However, a day after the video meltdown Olinda and Stunner had reconciled. Stunner posted pictures on social media showing the two in each other's arms. He even joked about the whole incident and Olinda seemed embarrassed about her earlier antics.


In 2018, Chapel won the Zimbabwe Achievers Awards UK Female Personality of the year award.


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