Oliver Mandipaka
Known forBeing a Member of Parliament and Spokes person for the Zimbabwe Republic Police
Political partyZANU-PF

Oliver Mandipaka is a Zimbabwan politician and is a member of the Zanu-PF party. He was elected into parliament in July 2013 to represent Buhera West Constituency. Prior to his entering active politics he was an assistant commissioner in the Zimbabwe Republic Police .He served in the police force as a chief superintendent .

Police Career

Mandipaka started off his career in the Zimbabwe Republic Police .He was chief superintendent in the police force ,before entering politics in 2013 .Mandipaka was promoted to the rank of assistant commissioner .

Political career

Mandipaka started campaigning for the Buhera seat while he was still serving as a policeman ,a move interpreted by many as a breach of his contract and unprofessional conduct as he acted in defiance of the Police Act..The Police act states that a police officer who intends to contest an election shall resign from office ,before embarking on a campaign or the date of the election.In Mandipakas' scenario, he should have been dismissed from office before campaigning for a political post .This was reported to be a breach on the law of integrity.