Omega Sibanda
Omega Sibanda Biography
Known forBeing a football administrator and politician
FamilyEzra Tshisa Sibanda

Omega Sibanda is a Zimbabwean politician and football administrator. As a politician, Sibanda is a member of Zanu-PF. In 2014, Sibanda was voted vice president of the Zimbabwe Football Association (ZIFA).


He is the brother of Ezra Tshisa Sibanda.


As of September 2019, Omega Sibanda is married to Emily.[1]



Sibanda said he was inspired to join politics by Sikhanyiso Ndlovu whom he used to manage. Omega Sibanda has been a Zanu-PF member since 1992.[2]

Sibanda won the right to represent Zanu-PF in the 2018 harmonised elections after defeating incumbent MP Josphat Madubeko in the Vungu constituency primary elections.[3] In July 2018, Omega Sibanda was elected Member of Parliament for Vungu Constituency.[4]

Before he was elected as Zifa Vice President, Sibanda was Chairman of the Zimbabwe Soccer Player Agents Association.

Omega Sibanda was involved in many structures at Highlanders Football Club right from his days in Gweru where he was the secretary of the supporters’ club. He was also chairman of CMED Football Club and when he moved to Bulawayo Sibanda became involved in many Highlanders sub-committees until he became an executive member.

He was involved in the formation of the Five-a-Side Football League in Bulawayo. Sibanda also formed FC Windermere which mentored the likes of Milton Ncube and Richard Jongwe among other known players. The club got into Division One when Sibanda was the president of the club.[5]


On 29 March 2014, Omega Sibanda was elected Zifa vice president after getting 38 votes to Elkanah Dube’s 20.[6]

Sibanda was deputy to Cuthbert Dube on the ZIFA board before he was suspended. It was Sibanda’s argument that he never really got a chance to execute his role as Dube’s deputy largely because of clashes with ZIFA chief executive Jonathan Mashingaidze.[7]

In 2015, Sibanda backed Phillip Chiyangwa's bid to be ZIFA President. On 5 December 2015, Sibanda was voted ZIFA Vice President. Other persons elected to the ZIFA Executive Committee were: Felton Kamambo, Edzai Kasinauyo, Piraishe Mabhena and Philemon Machana.[8]

On 16 December 2018, Sibanda lost the Zifa vice presidency to Gift Banda by after getting 22 votes to Banda's 37.[9]

During his tenure at ZIFA, Sibanda was chairman of the technical and development committee.[10]

In August 2019, Sibanda together with Phillip Chiyangwa was banned by ZIFA for life from holding any ZIFA post. Sibanda was banned for allegedly interfering in ZIFA affairs. According to the statement released by ZIFA:

"Mr Omega Sibanda was banned for life following his incessant interference with ZIFA judicial bodies during which he sought to influence a ZIFA lawyer to throw away a ZIFA electoral case, in a bid to foment turmoil in Zimbabwe.”




On 21 July 2014, four armed robbers, three of them hardened criminals with previous convictions, allegedly broke into Omega Sibanda’s offices and stole property valued at more than US$25,000.

They were arrested in Makokoba suburb barely 24 hours after committing the crime and were linked to a number of unlawful entry and theft cases that happened in Bulawayo city centre during the early hours of 21 July 2014.

The gang was reportedly armed with sticks and stones when they assaulted a security guard, Charles Mavingire, before tying him up at Sibanda’s office along Herbert Chitepo Street and Connaught Avenue.

They burnt most of the T-shirts belonging to SW Radio that they looted from Sibanda’s office because they were branded.[12]


In December 2017, Sibanda dismissed a report titled Findings of political, corruption and maladministration activities in respect of Mr Omega Sibanda as malicious and said he had reported its authors to the police.

He said that the report had been authored by people that wanted to discredit him ahead of the Zifa elections in March 2018.

Sibanda who was not a Zanu-PF politician at the time dismissed the claim by the report that he wanted to contest for the Vungu parliamentary seat in the 2018 elections under a “Zanu-PF (G40) ticket”.

Regarding politics, Sibanda said:

"If I decide to be a politician, it is my choice. Remember there’s no law in football which says if you’re a politician don’t be a football person or the other way round. As you know, (Caf president) Ahmad Ahmad was the president of the senate in Madagascar. There are plenty more examples of football leaders who are politicians. In Egypt, four executive members of the FA are MPs in the Egyptian parliament. Danny Jordaan in South Africa was a mayor representing the ANC. So where is the issue? I’m not even an MP; I’ve not even said anything about Vungu, but people are just spreading lies. This falsehood must stop. I pray that these people peddling falsehoods on social media are arrested and jailed."

Sibanda was also accused of misusing a Government grant of $1,2 million given to the national team for the African Cup of Nations. The report claimed Sibanda took $48 000, while coaches and players got "peanuts".

The document also accused Sibanda of being involved in underhand dealings, such as remaining a player and coach agent, something that Sibanda denied.[10]

Court Cases

Unpaid Personal Loans

In September 2019, Omega Sibanda was ordered by the High Court in Bulawayo to pay back a personal loan of US$6 750 which he got from Ms Irene Ganyanhewe and Mr Charles Ganyanhewe in 2011. The ruling was made by Justice Maxwell Takuva who also ordered Sibanda and his wife to pay the money with a five percent interest per annum calculated from June 2, 2011, to the date of full payment including the legal costs.

In papers before the court, between May 17 and 21, 2011, Sibanda and his wife acknowledged in writing that the amount due and owing was US$6 750. They received the money in two instalments from Ms Irene Ganyanhewe and Mr Charles Ganyanhewe.

However, in their opposing affidavits, Sibanda and his wife argued that the additional US$1 750 was a defaulting interest at usurious rates hence the illegality of the entire agreement.

In terms of the acknowledgement, the money was to be paid in two instalments on June 15 and 21, 2011 respectively.

According to the agreement signed by the parties on June 7, 2011, it was stated that there would be a penalty charged in the event that the respondents fail to pay the debt on agreed dates.

It was, however, not mentioned in court papers what Sibanda and his wife intended to use the money for.

Ms Irene Ganyanhewe and Mr Charles Ganyanhewe said Sibanda and his wife had despite acknowledging the debt, failed to pay the money.

Omega Siband and his wife opposed the application on the grounds that they had a good and bona fide defence to the claim. They argued that Ms Irene Ganyanhewe and Mr Charles Ganyanhewe’s cause of action had not been verified.

In 2017, Sibanda and his wife were taken to the same court by a Bulawayo doctor after they allegedly borrowed from him more than $13 000, which they failed to pay back.[1]#

Impersonation Case

On 3 January 2018, a Bulawayo based soldier appeared in court for allegedly threatening Omega Sibanda with unspecified action if he did not lift the suspensions of some of ZIFA's employees and football personalities.

According to court papers, Sergeant Blessing Mbwando of 06 HQ Flats, Induna Barracks, Bulawayo, introduced himself to Sibanda as Major Prosper Guvheya on 18 November 2017 before insulting him by calling him a dog and later claiming that Sibanda had joined national politics.

Mbwando appeared before Bulawayo magistrate Franklin Mkwananzi charged with two counts under the Post and Telecommunications Act (Use of Abusive Language over a Telephone) and Criminal Law Codification and Reform Act (Impersonation). He pleaded not guilty. Mbwando was remanded out of custody to 8 January 2018 for trial.[13]


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