Oscar Nyamunokora, a politician, was not elected to Parliament in 2022 for Zanu PF. He lost to Willias Madzimure in Kumbuzuma.

Personal Details

Oscar Nymunokora is married.

School / Education

He studied at the University of Zimbabwe.

Service / Career


Before the Zimbabwe By-elections (March 2022), it was reported that the Zanu PF candidate for Kambuzuma Constituency in Harare, Cde Oscar Nyamunokora, was confident of making history by reclaiming the seat which has been under MDC formations for the past 20 years. Residents in the suburb, who have suffered poor service delivery at the hands of successive MDC councils, said they are determined to correct mistakes of the past 20 years.

Poor service delivery by corrupt and incompetent opposition officials, is being lamented in Harare and across the country. They hike rates and tariffs, but fail to provide the matching services. [1]

Further Reading

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