Parirenyatwa Group of HospitalsParirenyatwa Group of Hospitals
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LocationHarare, Zimbabwe
Hospital typeGeneral

Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals is the largest health services provider in Zimbabwe with a number of hospitals located in Harare. It has a capacity of about 1 800 patients' beds and a staff compliment of 2 000. It was established in 1890 in the then Salisbury town and has with time evolved to become the country's largest health service provider. The Hospital was named after the late medical doctor and Second Chimurenga nationalist politician Dr Tichafa Parirenyatwa.[1]

Historical Background

Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals started as a small hospital in 1890. From this date small satellite health facilities were established within this complex such that by 1963 this Group of Hospitals included Salisbury Central Hospital, Princess Margaret Hospital,Lady Chancellor Maternity Hospital, Orthopaedic Centre, African Outpatient Clinic.[2]

By 1974 the Andrew Fleming Hospital was commissioned and when this Group of Hospitals was renamed Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals ,after independence the health facilities in this complex had names changed to reflect the new political order.[2] To date Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals has become the largest and most sophisticated hospital complex in the country with a capacity of one thousand eight hundred (1800) beds and a work force in excess of two thousand (2000) staff.[2]

The Hospital is located in the Belgravia area of Harare and built on a 400 000 square metre piece of land. The Hospital went through the governance of different Acts among them, the Salisbury Hospitals Act (1975), the Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals Act (1982) as amended and currently the Hospital is being governed by the Health Services act (2004), enacted in 2005. The previous and current Acts enshrined the Hospital with a semi-autonomous status.[2]

Subsidiary Hospitals

  1. The Main Complex
  2. Mbuya Nehanda Martenity Hospital
  3. Sekuru Kaguvi Eye Clinic
  4. Annexe Psychiatric Unit.[2]

Medical School and School of Nursing

The hospital offers academic and professional training for both nurses and medical doctors. The University of Zimbabwe faculty of Medicine has facilities at the hospital for training of medicine students who then graduate as medical doctors.[3] Some of the courses offered by the hospital include;

  1. Midwifery
  2. Ophthalmic Nursing
  3. Operating Theater Nursing
  4. Anaesthetic Nursing
  5. Intensive Care Nursing

Medical Services Departments

  1. Annex Hospital
  2. Casualty
  3. CSSD
  4. Laboratory
  5. Main Pharmacy
  6. Mortuary
  7. Nuclear Medicine
  8. Orthopaedic
  9. Physiotherapy
  10. Radiology
  11. Renal
  12. Transport
  13. Xray
  14. Main Theatre
  15. ICT Department.[4]


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