Passion Java Records

Passion Java Records is a recording and management label started by Passion Java.


In 2014, Passion Java and his ex-wife Yasmin opened a state of the art studio that was meant to cater for gospel artists experiencing difficulties recording their music. The gospel musicians would record their music for free.

In a statement published by on 15 October 2014, Java said the idea of the studio, named PJ Records was to provide a platform for gospel artists to showcase their talents and grab their breakthroughs. The report said Passion Java's studio would also give students a higher education in music and round off their preparation for careers in the recording industry. Part of the statement read:

"There is a lot of talent in the country that needs to be tapped and they (artists) need to realize their dreams. They have powerful voices but they are not being heard because of financial constraints that is the reason why I opened a studio where they can record free of charge."

PJ Records was based in Harare’s posh Borrowdale neighbourhood with Take Fizzo as the in-house producer. The report by said PJ Records was soundproof and rumoured to be equipped with Apple Logic recording software and a central lounge area with a tech panel, main recording room with Steinway piano and vocal room.[1]


In January 2021, Passion Java rebranded Passion Java Records' new headquarters with Oskid as the new resident producer.[2][3]


  • Videos: Studio Art Pictures (SAP)
  • Producer: Oskid


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