Date: 6 Dec 2013
Location: 80 km peg Harare-Bulawayo Highway
Involved: Pathfinder Bus and Truck
Deaths: 7
Injuries: 37 injured
Cause of Accident: Collision with a Haulage Truck

Pathfinder Bus Accident 2013
Pathfinder Bus After the Accident
Pathfinder Bus After the Accidents
Date 6 December 2013
Time Evening
Location 80 km peg: Harare-Bulawayo Highway
Country Zimbabwe
Bus operator Pathfinder Luxury Bus
Bus owner Pathfinder Coaches
Cause Collision with a Haulage Truck
Deaths 7
Injuries 37
Damage Bus Damaged, Truck damaged.


Details of the Accident

Six people travelling in the including the Pathfinder bus driver and one passenger form the haulage truck died on the spot when the bus collided head-on with a haulage truck along the Bulawayo Harare highway.[1] The bus was travelling from Harare to Bulawayo when it hit a cow and veered into the lane of the oncoming truck. The accident occurred at about 7 pm, almost 80 km along the Bulawayo-Harare Road. A total of 66 people were on board the pathfinder bus. About 37 injured have been rushed to the United Bulawayo Hospitals (UBH).[1]

Pathfinder coaches is one of the many companies which ply the Harare- Bulawayo and Harare- Victoria Falls routes. The accident attracted attention from the stakeholders especially the commuting public about their safety in the country's major highways. One of the reasons brought forward was the bad state of roads with potholes all over. The other issue raised by the locals is the problem of stray animals from from communal areas and farms along the country's major highways.


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