Patricia Darangwa is a Zimbabwean lawyer who became known after being appointed the executor of popular businessman and socialite Ginimbi's estate.

Ginimbi Estate

In November 2020, Patricia Darangwa was appointed as executor for Genius Kadungure’s estate. The decision was reached at the Master of High Court in Harare.[1]

In February 2021, Ginimbi’s father, Anderson — and his sisters Juliet and Neria filed an application seeking the nullification of Ginimbi's will, as well as the removal of Patricia Darangwa as the executor of the estate.

Darangwa and the Master of the High Court in Zimbabwe were cited as respondents.

According to an affidavit by Juliet, Darangwa approached the family on November 25 2020, claiming that she was the executor of Kadungure’s estate. Darangwa also allegedly threatened the family, saying she would sue them if they declined to accept the will and appoint her as executor of the estate.

Ginimbi's family then sought the services of another lawyer who allegedly established that Darangwa had attempted to sell off some of Kadungure’s assets without the approval and authority of the family, including a Lamborghini.

The family said it decided to approach the High Court after the Master of the High Court in Botswana, where Kadungure had business interests, rejected the will because it had not been signed by the late socialite.[2]


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