Patrick Chinamasa

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Patrick Chinamasa
Patrick Chinamasa, Zanu-PF
Patrick Chinamasa
BornPatrick Chinamasa
(1947-01-25)January 25, 1947
EducationUniversity of Zimbabwe
  • Former Minister of Cyber Security, Threat Detection and Mitigation

EmployerGovernment of Zimbabwe
Home townManicaland
Political partyZimbabwe African National Union Patriotic Front
Spouse(s)Monica Chinamasa
ChildrenKangai Chinamasa, Tinotenda Chinamasa, Gamuchirai Chinamasa, Rebecca Chinamasa

Patrick Anthony Chinamasa is a Zimbabwean politician and a member of Zanu PF. He is the former Minister of Finance and Economic Planning. He was reappointed to the ministry after President Emmerson Mnangagwa had appointed his cabinet in November 2017. Chinamasa is former Minister of Cyber Security Threat Detection and Mitigation. Chinamasa has served as a cabinet Minister since 2000.

Personal Details

Born: 25 January 1947, in Nyanga, to Anthony Chinamasa and Regina Maunga.
Marriage: To Monica Chinamasa until 2007.
He then married Chiedza Faith Velemu. [1] Children: Patrick and Monica had four children; namely Tinotenda, Chengetai, Kangai and Camuchirai.[2]

School / Education

Tertiary: Bachelor of Arts Honours degree in Law from the University of London (1971) and a Diploma in Law from the University of Zimbabwe.


Chinamasa started off his political career as a Deputy Agriculture Minister and the Attorney General of Zimbabwe. He also held the role of the leader of the Zimbabwean Parliament.

Following his appointment as Attorney General it was reported that several judges resigned, complaining of political pressure and interference.

On 17 December 2004, Chinamasa, who had been the Secretary for Legal Affairs of Zanu-PF, was removed from the party’s Politburo. In 2005, Patrick Chinamasa was dismissed by Robert Mugabe along with Jonathan Moyo while Emmerson Mnangagwa was demoted to the lesser influential role position of secretary of legal affairs. Six months later Chinamasa was reinstated to his post. [3]

In the 2013 Elections, (see A History of Zimbabwean Elections) Makoni Central returned to Parliament:

  • Patrick Chinamasa of Zanu PF with 7 654 votes or 50.14 percent,
  • Simba Makoni of MKD with 3 411 votes or 22.34 percent,
  • Patrick Sagandira of MDC–T with 3 646 votes or 23.88 percent,
  • Clever Mukuwapasi of MDC–N with 555 votes or 3.64 percent,

Total 15 266 votes

Positions Held

  • Chinamasa was the first Deputy Minister of Agriculture in Zimbabwe before he was appointed to serve as Attorney General in the Ministry of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs.
  • He served as Minister of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs between 2000 and 2005.
  • Chinamasa was nominated as Zanu-PF's candidate for the House of Assembly seat from Makoni Central Constituency in the March 2008 parliamentary election, but he was defeated by John Nyamande of the Movement for Democratic Change who garnered 7 060 votes against Chinamasa's 4 055.[4]
  • In 2008, he was appointed Acting Minister of Finance and was credited with introducing the multi-currency system which stopped Zimbabwe's record hyperinflation.[5]
  • Chinamasa was the Minister of Finance and Economic Development from 10 September 20139 October 2017. On the 9 September 2017, Robert Mugabe through the Office of the President and Cabinet announced changes to his then cabinet. Chinamasa was moved to a newly created Ministry of Cyber Security, Threat Detection and Mitigation. This portfolio became effective on the 9 October 2017 in a cabinet reshuffle which was speculated to be a measure adopted to stop factional fighting in Zanu-PF.
  • In 2021, Patrick Chinamsa was appointed as Air Zimbabwe director and board chairperson by Emmerson Mnangagwa while the parastatal was under judicial management. Mnangagwa was taken to the Constitutional Court for appointing Chinamasa. Mnangagwa and his lawyer Edwin Manikai were sued together by Tichaona Mupasiri. In his 16 December court application, Mupasiri sought an order to declare that Mnangagwa’s action constitutes conduct that is inconsistent with the constitution.[6]


Bribe Allegations

In 2006 he allegedly wanted to bribe James Kaunye after the latter filed a court application to sue Didymus Mutasa's supporters who had insulted him. Kaunye told the court that the Minister called on him at his Yorkshire Farm in Headlands and offered him bribes so that he could drop his complaint against 23 of Mutasa's supporters who had earlier attacked and left him wounded. Rusape magistrates allegedly refused to preside over the issue. Kaunye and Mutasa were contesting against each other for the Makoni North Constituency in Zanu PF primary elections.[7] He was later acquitted after inconsistencies and evasiveness in the witness' evidence for the charge.[8]

Denouncing the European Union

In 2009, Chinamasa reportedly denounced the European Union for siding with Morgan Tsvangirai and accused the delegation of trying to undermine the Government of National Unity. He reportedly said this after a two-day talk with the European Union, for the first time in seven years.[9]

As Minister of Finance- 2014

After Zanu-PF won the 2013 Elections Chinamasa was appointed as Minister of Finance and Economic Development. He took over from Tendai Biti. Chinamasa's 2014 national budget which he delayed by a month received criticism from the Movement for Democratic Change. The MDC said that the budget did not have measures in place to attract Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and to improve the economy and the people's livelihoods.[10] He also received criticism in his second year as finance minister due to his alleged weak economic policies.[11] There has been speculation that because of his policy inconsistencies, Chinamasa may be moved to another ministry. The media frequently tipped former reserve bank governor Gideon Gono to take over from Chinamasa in case of a cabinet reshuffle.[12]

Farm Mechanisation Scheme

In July 2020, Patrick Chinamasa was listed, in the BSR of 18 July 2020, as a beneficiary in the 2007 RBZ Farm Mechanisation Scheme, as a result of the Fast Track Land Reform Programme.

The data is analysed by recipients origin:.

  • Mashonaland provinces had the most beneficiaries, both in terms of numbers and value.

Mashonaland East got US$47,5 million,
Mashonaland West US$44,7 million
Mashonaland Central had US$34,2 million.

  • Two Matebeleland provinces had a combined total of US$13,9 million.
  • Masvingo US$26,4 million,
  • Manicaland US$18 million
  • Midlands US$14 million.

Patrick Chinamasa is listed under the thematic group “Politicians”. He and his Tsukumai Farm are listed as owing US$350,463.00. [13]

Controversial Statements on Proposed 31 July Protests

The acting Zanu PF spokesperson accused the US ambassador to Zimbabwe of meddling in local affairs and labeled him a 'thug' in his latest press statement on 27 July 2020. Chinamasa also claimed that US ambassador Brian Nichols is an Uncle Tom being used to propagate values the US does not practice on its people. The acting Zanu-PF spokesperson warned the US that the party (Zanu PF) is aware of their coterie of gangsters and mercenaries disguised as diplomats

“Brian Nichols is a thug. He is not a super diplomat in this country. The US human rights narratives are just pretexts of undermining small nations”, “Diplomats have no rights to promote actions that are calculated to subvert a constitutionally elected government in any country. Zimbabwe will not sit on it’s laurels and watch this happen” Chinamasa said.[14] [15]

Without providing evidence, Zanu PF spokesman Patrick Chinamasa told reporters that U.S. ambassador to Harare, Brian Nichols, was involved in subversive activities to topple President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government. “He (Nichols) continues to engage in acts of undermining this Republic and if he continues mobilizing and funding disturbances, coordinating violence and training insurgence, our leadership will not hesitate to give him marching orders,” Zanu PF acting secretary for information Patrick Chinamasa told a press briefing. [16]

He also went on to urge his party supporters across the country to defend themselves implying that they should engage in retaliation mode against the planned 31 July protests against corruption. He said: “Zanu PF calls upon our supporters, cadres and sympathisers, wherever you are, to remain alert and ready to defend yourselves, defend our people, their property and most importantly defend peace in your communities against these malcontents, these hired hooligans and hoodlums who rejoice at burning properties and looting,”

“They must know that when they are being attacked, law enforcement agents might not be near. In those circumstances, their first line of defence is themselves and their families. They have a legal and constitutional right to defend themselves. Don’t ask for permission from anybody, it’s your constitutional and legal right.

“Don’t be intimidated by hooligans and mercenaries. Don’t be like sitting ducks as you were in August 2018, don’t be sitting ducks as you were in January 2019, phoning us (to ask what you should do). No, this time no. Use any means at your disposal to defend yourselves” charged Chinamasa.

Car Accident

Patrick Chinamasa was hospitalised at a private hospital in Harare after he was involved in an accident near Rusape after he allegedly rammed into a truck carrying scrap metal.

Reports said the accident happened at around 18:45 pm on Saturday 10 July 2021. Chinamasa is said to have complained of chest pains and was rushed to Rusape Hospital before he was transferred to a private hospital in Harare. [17][18]

Chinamasa said he was saved by the airbags. [19]


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