Patrick Mukwamba

'Patrick Mukwamba is a veteran Zimbabwean musician. He rose to national stardom in the 1990s with his festive season hit, Jonasi. The song was so popular that it became like an anthem, receiving favourable airplay on almost all stations. In 2013, Mukwadzi shocked the nation when he revealed that at 66, he still pays for sex and is hooked to prostitutes. In May 2014, Mukwamba who was expected to release a new album, revealed that he was facing financial challenges delivering the album.


Mukwamba has three children, all of which live in South Africa.

Music career

He started his career just after finishing his secondary school in 1968. He made a name for himself playing in Mbare beer halls such as Rambanayi and Pfumojena with the band, The Carnations. The band consisted of the likes likes of Robson Nyanzira, Robert Nekati, Jackson Mangwiro and the late Abdul Musa. He then proceeded to join the Mutare-based New Pop Sttlers where the made was popular in surrounding Sakubva townships and other mission school.In 1970, they were contracted to promote Tanganda Tea and they changed their name to Tanganda Tycoons and shared the stage with legend, Mukadota.[1] The latter then cntracted the Tangadnda tycoons as his backing band. Mukwamba latter left the band for Harare where he joined another resident band at Mutanga night club. HJe was to stay with the band six months after which he relocated to Victoria Falls in 1973 where he joined the Rollicking Band that was based in the resort town. Mukwamba latter returned to Harare in 1975 where he joined Harare Drive band. He had a short stint with the band as he left the band to replace Thomas Mapfumo as the lead vocalist for the Hallelujah Chicken Runn Band. However it was with the The Four Brothers that Mukwamba become a household name. With the band, he went on to release a string of hits such as Zvinonaka Zvinodhura, Vambozha Vauya, Usanyara Basa Raunoita and Zvinonaka. All the songs where social commentary and were based on real life issues.

Prostitutes Claims

Mukwambwa made the revelations in May 2013, that since the death of his wife in 1999 he had been hooked to prostitutes. He said that he patronises the Rusape (where he lives) beer halls to get a woman when the need arises.[2]

Financial Challenges

In 2013, he revealed that he was working on a comeback project that would see him release a new six track album. However, a year later, Mukwamba who was expected to release the album in the first quarter of 2014 revealed that he was facing financial constraints. Since 2013, Mukwamba had only managed to record instrumentals for two songs that are title track Please Call Me Back and Kubhawa handigari. He went further to say that he was even struggling to raise US$10 a day for transporting band members from their various locations in Harare to Gramma Records in Masasa.[3]


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