Paul Nyathi
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Paul Nyathi & National Spokesperson for the Zimbabwe Republic Police

Paul Nyathi is a Zimbabwean police officer who is the national spokesperson for the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP). He holds the rank of Chief Superintendent and is the Staff Officer for Press and Public Relations where he deputizes Senior Assistant Commissioner (SAC) Charity Charamba.

Commentary On Mabhinya

Chief Superintendent Nyathi reportedly dismissed reports that there was a group of criminals kidnapping and beheading people, especially children in March 2018. Nyathi urged the public to verify such information by approaching the nearest police station. He also warned that anyone caught circulating such messages will be arrested.

Part of the Whatsapp message read:

parents beware!!!!

Police in Vic Falls called for a meeting for all parents to attend and showed them 7 men they had caught. These men live in Rugars.The men confessed that they came from South Africa and they r among a grp of 300 pple who came for the sole purpose of beheading children for ritual purposes. Several children have since gone missing. Parents r being advised to look after their children. These pple are living amongst us.

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