Penhalonga is rural mining town in Mutasa District in the province of Manicaland. It is located about 18 km north of Mutare.

Mutasa District has a population of about 168,000 according to the 2012 census.

The town is in a valley, where 3 rivers meet; Sambi, Imbeza Rivers and Mutare River.

Ancient gold workings have been found in the area. In 1895 the Penhalonga Mine opened and the town grew around the gold mine. The name is derived from the Portuguese words penha meaning 'rocky mountain' and longa meaning long.

The town is the residential and commercial centre for the mine and the surrounding area of forestry, dairy and mixed farming.


Alluvial gold was being worked in the area in 1575 when it was visited by Vasco Homem. Political astute, Jeffreys decided to name the mining claims after officials from The Companhia de Mocambique, the company which possessed the trade concessions for Manica province. The first gold claim was named Penhalonga, after Count Penhalonga, chairman of the Mozambique Company. The Penhalonga Mine operated from 1897, in 1903 a forty stamp mill was in operation driven by water power, eventually producing over 185,000 oz. (5.3 tonnes) of gold. Jeffreys however remained on at the mine and played a major role in its development (in fact, he even served as Mayor of Umtali and died in 1926) but the mine closed in 1943 when its main shaft collapsed.

The Rezende Mine opened in 1899 and was named after Count Rezende and is still being worked as the Redwing Mine.[1]

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