Peter Moyo

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Peter Moyo
Peter Moyo
BornPeter Moyo
EducationKwekwe Primary School, Chaplin High School
  • Musician
  • Businessman.
Years active2011 to present
Home townKwekwe
Parent(s)Tongai Moyo

Peter Moyo who is affectionately known as the Young Igwe is the son of the legendary Sungura musician Tongai Moyo, who took over the reigns of Utakataka Express after the death of his father in 2011. The young crooner, who was once accused of singing discord as he started off, went on to receive vocal lessons from gospel singer Charles Charamba,[1]

Music career

Peter who only started singing after his father became ill, faced many challenges, his vocals were not polished. Nevertheless, he was ambitious and before his father's death, he led the band to Botswana.[2] After his father's death, Peter who showed his eagerness to learn took over. Within a few weeks he was able to play the rhythm and lead guitars. He shared the stage with the likes of Oliver Mtukudzi and Alick Macheso singing his fathers songs on many occasions. In June 2013 the "Young Igwe" stepped out of his father's shadow by releasing his début album "Mushonga Mukuru" which was auctioned for US$5000.[3]



  • Mushonga Mukuru (2013)
  • Mopao Mokonzi (2017)

Falling on Hard Times

Peter went through a rough patch as he tried to maintain his father's legacy. In 2013 he lost some of his band's key band members, Spencer Khumulani, Gift “Shiga Shiga” Katulika and Gaison Sixpense who joined Energy Mutodi's band forcing Peter to start afresh. It was reported that the band members were receiving as little as US$20.[4] Peter's band was involved in an accident while returning from a music gala. Most of the band members were injured and this threatened the collapse of the once revered Utakataka Express.[5]

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Arrogance Claims

Peter is said to have spoiled his album launch after he denounced his step mother, Minienhle as not belonging to the Moyo family and stated that she was free to fall in love with anyone.[6] It was reported that promoters were ditching Peter as he seemed to be adamant. At one point he failed to turn up for a show where he was supposed to share the stage with Tryson Chimbetu in Bulawayo causing commotion as fans were not refunded.[7] Moyo also clashed with Beverly Sibanda.[8]

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He was again caught offside when he denounced all his fathers friends saying that they were not his friends. When, Jah Prayzah, was given a car by Tongai Moyo's friend Esau Mupfumi, it was therefore generally believed that Peter was snubbed. Some promoters even lashed out at him saying he was misguided.[9] On 25 January 2015 at a joint family show that was held in Westlea, Peter fumed that his late father's close friends were not his friends per say but were just his associates.[10] He gave recognition to Sulumani Chimbetu stating that he has been the only person who has managed to stick to his promises.[10]

Scandalous love life

Peter has proven that he has an insatiable thirsty for women. It was reported that Peter once clashed with Dino Mudondo over a woman.[11] Apart from wrecking havoc with Zimbabwean women, Moyo snatched Slizer, (whose real name is Naledi Kaisara). As a way of trying to save his relationship with his Zimbabwean women, Moyo dispelled ever dating Slizer. Slizer however confirmed that the two were an item.[12]


Peter launched a pageant, Miss Utakataka.[13] He also runs a chicken business.


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