Peter Chibwe Kapala
Peter Chibwe Kapala Biography
  • Minister of Energy
EmployerGovernment of Zambia
Term8 September 2021-Present
Political partyUnited Party for National Development

Peter Chibwe Kapala is a Zambian politician. He was appointed Minister of Energy in September 2021 by Hakainde Hichilema.


After his appointment as Minister of Energy, Peter Chibwe Kapala released pictures of his plush home to the public. His place of residence has wildlife on it. Below are the pictures he released as part of the declaration of assets:


Peter Chibwe Kapala is a Registered Engineer (PrEng), a registered consultant with the Association of Consulting Engineers in Zambia (MACEZ) and a Fellow of the Engineering Institution of Zambia (FEIZ). Kapala holds a Masters Degree in Structural Engineering from the University of Sheffield in the United Kingdom.[1]


He practised engineering for over 25 years in Zambia and several neighbouring countries. Kapala specializes in structural design of industrial and commercial projects, contract administration, commercial property development and development of technical specifications.

Peter Chibwe Kapala is currently the Chairperson of the Engineers Registration Board (Zambia), and is the former Vice President for the Engineering Institution of Zambia.[1]


Peter Chibwe Kapala was nominated as an MP and appointed Minister of Energy by Hakainde Hichilema in September 2021.


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