Peter Tangwena
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BornPeter Tangwena
Honde Valley
OrganizationStarlight Musica

Peter Tangwena is a Zimbabwean musician though no longer active in the music industry. He introduced himself on the local scene with his debut album “Pamuchato Celebration” that had many admirers because rhumba was at its peak in the country.


Born in Honde Valley in 1969 near the Mozambican border. Tangwena took up music after being inspired by the likes of the late Leonard Dembo, late Simon Chimbetu and Oliver Mtukudzi. Before he started out a career in music, Tangwena was a music dealer running several flea markets and hence his love for singing grew.[1] In the early 2000s, Peter Tangwena became the face of flamboyance in local showbiz. He would go to shows with a convoy of latest posh vehicles of that time. Many musicians wondered how he did it. Even his followers were not sure about the source of his “wealth”. Everyone knew that Tangwena was a musician of style and he was doing it the real rhumba way after the likes of Congolese star Koffi Olomide. Even his Starlight Musica group’s outfits were fancy and he transformed from a poor Warren Park music vendor to celebrity of status overnight.


Peter has six albums to his name and was an admiration to other musicians in the music industry because of his rise and success in the industry. His debut album was titled "Pamuchato Celebration" which was a success. Other albums to his name are “Uyo Ndiani”, “Mutinhimira WaPater”, “Pamereki”, “Uchandinetsa Pay” and “Siyana Newangu (Chipoko)”.[2] His music career ended on a sad note after he was duped by certain people who promised him a house, car and music equipment but a month before the agreed terms were to be fulfilled the people vanished and this affected him mentally that he couldn't focus on his music anymore.


He is now selling CDs at Mereki Shopping Centre in Warren Park D, Harare.

Peter Tangwena


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