Chinhoyi is a town in Zimbabwe located in Mashonaland West Province. The town has a lot of significance dating from the colonial times. The first shots of the Second Chimurenga were fired by seven guerrillas in Chinhoyi. It is in this context that the town has a lot of significance in Zimbabwean history. During the colonial period the town was previously known as Sinoia.

The town was also home to one of Zimbabwe’s most celebrated music groups, the Bhundu Boys. In Chinhoyi, you also find the Chinhoyi Caves which are renowned for their beauty and mystery. Legend has it that there are certain behaviours and utterances which are not permissible when one is inside the cave, failure to observe the regulations and taboos is reported to have led to disappearances of several people in the caves.

On a lighter note, popular fraudster Rotina Mavhunga was also based in the town before her arrest after she misled government officials such as Didymus Mutasa that she could produce diesel from a rock due to her special relationship with the spirits of the area.

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