John Chibadura better Known as Mr Chitungwiza was one of the most talented musicians to have come out of Zimbabwe. So versatile was Chibadura that although he was traditionally into sungura music, he went on to release an all reggae album which had outstanding hits such as "Zuva rekufa kwangu" and "Mudiwa Janet".

Chibadura's music was very appealing to many Zimbabweans due to its commentary on social issues such as discipline in young children, love and respect for elders. The message was eloquently carried in his timeless hits such as "Baba rairai vana venyu" and "rudo runokosha" just to mention a few.

Mr Chitungwiza was also a notable dancer as was reflected in some of the videos that he released in his illustrious career. To date, Chibadura stands out as one of the most prolific musicians who were able to straddle various music genres while putting across very powerful messages.(Full article...)

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