The Bhundu Boys were one of the best music groups to emerge from Zimbabwe.

They are the first Zimbabwean music group to play in Europe. The Bhundu Boys was formed in April 1980 and recorded their first single in 1983. They started off playing in township beer-halls until they were spotted by one Steve Roskilly, a former property developer, who began recording them at his studio in the Harare. Under Roskilly's guidance, the group had four number one singles on three radio stations. At the height of their career, American star Madonna personally requested that the band support her for the three nights she played, to a total of 240,000 people, at Wembley in 1987.

The group went on to be signed by one of the world's record labels to Warners (WEA). Under the label, the group toured North America, Australia and Hong Kong.where each band member received around £120,000. The group was so famed that at one point made a string of string of number one hits, even outselling Michael Jackson with the song 'Hatisitose', which stayed at the top for 12 weeks. The group declined after Biggie Tembo decided to quit.

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