Shoko Festival

Pindula is at Shoko Festival this year...

At the event, the founder of Techzim & Pindula, Limbikani Makani will:

  • Share about the Pindula project
  • Showing you how to create and edit articles on Pindula
  • Host an Ask Us Anything QnA session on Pindula and other startup projects we're related to such as Techzim. We're happy to discuss
    • what we do, how we do this
    • Remote working and how it has worked for us so far
    • internet business models and what we've learnt in the past 10 years we've been creating content on the internet.
    • You can also share with us things that have worked for you and what hasn't!

Date: 27 September 2019,
Time: 2PM
Venue: Harare City Library

See you there!