Pink Elephants

Pink Elephants comprises six faded pink elephants high above an overhanging shelter at the summit of the steep kopje.

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Why Visit

The six faded red ochre elephants are not particularly impressive, but full of life and easily reached.

How to get there

From Harare drive on the A3 towards Mutare. After Headlands, drive a further 7.4km and turn north onto the Baddeley Road. Drive 19.3km following the signposts to Nyanga, The rock painting is in a steep little kopje just west of the road. A path leads from the road to the rock art frieze which is at the summit of the kopje above an overhanging shelter.

From Rusape take the A14 turnoff to Nyanga. 0.95km turn left onto the Silver Bow road at the signpost to Harleigh Farm and Diana's Vow, 14.5km continue past the former Harleigh Farm tobacco barns, 18.1km continue past road intersection, 29.1km continue past signpost to Diana's Vow, 29.3km continue past the Constance Road turnoff to the right. 31.7 KM turn left off the Nyanga road, 32.8km turn left again towards Headlands. 34.4km see the steep little kopje with frieze on your right as above. The road is in poor condition and bumpy, although passable for 2WD vehicles.

How to get back

From Pink Elephants drive 1.6km towards Nyanga, turn right at road junction away from the Nyanga road, 2.7km turn right again towards Diana's Vow, 5.1km turn left onto the Constance Road, 25.1km turn left onto the A14 for Nyanga. The road is in poor condition, particularly after the rains.

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