Pioneer Gases is a Zimbabwean gas company with interests in Botswana, South Africa and Zimbabwe. The company was owned by the late Zimbabwean businessman and socialite Genius Kadungure (popularly known as Ginimbi) and he was also the Chief Executive Officer. The company is part of the Piko Trading Group.


Pioneer Gases imports and distributes LP gas and it also has set footprints in Botswana and South Africa. Pioneer Gases supplies gas to the commercial, industrial, public and retail sectors. The company also offers delivery services by tankers to major facilities with their own storage and also sell gas bottles in a range of popular sizes.[1]

Daily Sales

Research shows that the company used to make an average of US$30 000 per day in Zimbabwe alone and a similar figure in Botswana.[2]

Controversy Surrounding its directorship

Former Warriors forward Shingi Kaondera claimed that Pioneer Gases (Ginimbi's company) was his brainchild and he was the sole owner and founder. He alleged that his ex-wife Marry Chiwenga connived with Ginimbi to forge papers and elbow him out by illegally changing the directorship.

“I am the sole owner of Pioneer Gases that Ginimbi claims to be his. “I have the papers to prove it. “What happened is Ginimbi was my friend at the time and he connived with Marry to doctor paperwork to remove me from the directorship, but Mwari ndewemunhu wese haamwire ku Dreams (God is for us all). “I was based in Cyprus and had the resources to fund the project,” Kawondera said.

A quick search at the registrar of companies confirmed that the late Genius Kadungure and others were directors of Pioneer Gases.[3]


  • No. 1558 Willow Rd, New Ardbernie, Southerton, Harare, Zimbabwe
  • Tel: +263 242 665616


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