Piwayi Dzuda

Piwayi Dzuda was a television presenter and Star FM deputy general manager.



Dzuda had a son from his previous marriage with Tichafara Matondo.[1]


In 2017 Dzuda's ex-wife Tichafara Matondo approached the courts seeking a divorce after eighteen years of marriage following allegations that he had cheated and sired children out of wedlock, before deserting the family home in 2014.[1] Dzuda and Matondo were married on February 14, 1999.[2]

Net Worth

Whilst his net worth is unknown, Dzuda acquired three immovable properties when he was married to Tichafara Matondo. He had three houses in Bluffhill, Borrowdale Estate and Flat T167C Willowvale in Harare. The couple also acquired two motor vehicles namely; a Chevrolet Cruise and a Jeep Grand Cherokee.[1]


Piwayi Dzuda presented a gospel programme The Prime Gospel Show on ZBC.[1] Dzuda was dismissed by Zimpapers on February 25, 2019. He had served as Star FM Deputy General Manager[3] and the Marketing Manager in 2012.[4]


In 2019 Dzuda was taken to court by Zimpapers. Zimpapers approached the High Court seeking an order to force Dzuda to pay over $11 000 in damages caused to its Isuzu KB250 vehicle.

Zimpapers claimed Dzuda concealed the accident but reported that he had been involved in a hit and run accident while attending national hero Oliver Mtukudzi’s burial only after he had been confronted.

The company said Dzuda was dismissed from employment on February 25, 2019, and was advised to return the allocated vehicle since it was his employer’s property.

When he finally did so on March 5, 2019, it was discovered that the car had been involved in an accident.

Zimpapers said in order to have the vehicle repaired it sought and received panel beating quotations from at least three vehicle dealers and it selected the lowest quotation which was from Jock Smith Spray Paints.

They said the company charged them $11 080. Zimpapers said Dzuda failed, refused or neglected to pay the amount or to repair the damaged vehicle hence its decision to approach the courts.[5]


Dzuda died on 19 January 2021. Whilst the cause of death was unspecified unconfirmed reports said the veteran presenter had died from Covid-19.


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