Plaxedes Wenyika

Plaxedes Wenyika real name Plaxedes Machuma is a Zimbabwean R'n'B singer and songwriter. She is one of the pioneers of the Urban Grooves music genre. She made her debut in 2002 with the album 'Tisaparadzane' which made waves and saw the title track topping the local charts. She made history by becoming one of the few women to venture into the male-dominated music industry at that time.



Wenyika was born in a family of three daughters and her younger sister Tendai Wenyika is a politician.[1]


Wenyika and her ex-husband have three children together including two sons Daryl and Gareth.[2]

Marriage To Mika Joka

In 2004 she got married to her long time boyfriend Mika Joka who, under customary law, paid over Z$20 million as lobola. The two met at the University of Zimbabwe (UZ) and dated for three years prior to their marriage.[2] The couple married in 2005 and solemnised the union in terms of the Marriages Act (Chapter 5:11).[3]


Weyinka filed divorce summons at the High Court on August 30 2018.[3] Wenyika and Joka's 13-year marriage officially came to an end on 29 November 2018 after High Court judge Loice Matanda-Moyo granted a decree of divorce.

Wenyika filed for divorce citing irreconcilable differences with Mika Joka.[4]


Plaxedes Wenyika claimed monthly maintenance of $3 500 for herself and the upkeep of their three children.

Pending termination of the union, Wenyika upgraded her claim to $6 330 through a separate court application for maintenance.

In the court application filed at the High Court in October 2018, Wenyika indicated she required $1 500 for her welfare and maintenance every month.

She also claimed $1 110 monthly for each of the three children, including the one in boarding school. The total claim in respect of the three children was $3 330. In addition, she claimed $300 for the wages of her two maids and a gardener. She also wanted $80 monthly for DSTV subscription.

The artist, who initiated the divorce proceedings, wanted Joka to maintain her in a manner she “had been accustomed to” during the happier times of the union. Wenyika also claimed $150 per week as entertainment fees for her and the kids.

The handful list also included a demand to have her car repaired and maintained by Dr Joka anytime it broke down.[3]


Wenyika graduated with an Economics degree from the University of Zimbabwe and also holds a Management of Business Administration (MBA) degree.[5]

Music career

Wenyika who drew inspiration from her mother started singing in the 2000s and was a benefactor of the 75% local content prescribed by the then Information Minister, Jonathan Moyo. She instantly became a household name with her first album 'Tisaparadzane' which carried sing along love songs. The album also carried the hit 'Shamwari' which featured talented Sanii Makhalima. The collaboration was arguably the best in the New Millennium. After the success of the album, she went o to release her second studio album 'Kamumanzi'. Just like the first album 'Kamumhanzi' made waves and received heavy rotation on most radio stations. During the same year, she became part of a group called 'Ruvhuvhuto Sisters'. The group was made of four talented artists, Ivy Kombo, the late Jackie Madondo and Sister Flame. The group was a government initiative and aimed at promoting national programmes. The group instantly became a favourite for many with their hit songs 'Come to Victoria Falls — Down in Zimbabwe' and 'Malaika'.[6] Wenyika then took a break from music in 2009 to concentrate on her studies and family. She also said the economic meltdown which resulted in people's failure to attend shows and also because of piracy also contributed to her departure from the music industry. She however bounced back in 2012, with the release of her fifth album, 'Brighter Day'. The album carried songs such as 'Huya ndikuratide' ad 'Love you better'. The latter has a sizzling video received airplay on Channel O.[7]



  • Now I Know (2017)


  • Phoenix Rising (2021)
  • Metamorphosis (2017)
  • Kamhanzi
  • Sentiments
  • Full Circle
  • Brighter Day
  • Tisaparadzane (2002)[8][9]

Need for Live Music

Wenyika is the brains behind the Urban Unplugged which is aimed at bringing live urban music to the people. Artists like Ngoni Kambarami and Sanii Makhalima have performed on this plartform. The concept behind holding such shows is it to provide quality performances and different performing artistes on one stage using one band for the enjoyment of the audiences.[10]


She was in 2012 nominated for a National Arts Merit Awards (NAMA) in the Outstanding Female Musician category.[11] However the awards went to Hope Masike. In the same year she was honored, taking the first price at the inaugural Women in Enterprise Conference and Awards. This was for her immense contribution to Zimbabwe’s arts and culture sector.[12]


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