Post Independence Survivors' Trust (PIST) is a non-profit pushing for justice for the victims of Gukurahundi and other post-independence violence. PIST was founded in 2000 by Felix Mafa. [1] Mafa founded the organisation following the abduction and drowning of his son in the Zambezi River by the government's 5th Brigade in 1987 during Gukurahundi.[2].


Part of Pist's mandate is

  • To assist political victims,
  • To assist children of Gukurahundi victims
  • To procure official documents for families of Gukurahundi families
  • To document human rights violations


  • Felix Mafa - Director

Operation Locations



On 18 January 2018, PIST released a statement calling for the need for new president, Emmerson Mnangagwa to address the Gukurahundi issue:

Time has come that president ED Mnangagwa should seize this golden opportunity to move fast and consultant the survivors and all victims of the genocide.

PIST is counting its success and impetus driven by more demands by the new and old activists, civic society organizations like the traditional ones, Bhetshu likazulu, ZimRights, NGO Forum, Mtwakazi Republican Party and many others. Not forgetting new kid in the block, SAPES founded by Ibbo Mandaza.

The impetus and impact to the powers that be is being felt. Any government worthy is salt has to act accordingly otherwise it risks to be rejected by entire Zimbabweans. To prove the spread of those crying for mercy call,the 1983 Mthwakazi Human Rights Restoration Movement (MHRRM) based in London,UK are picketing Zimbabwe's UK Embassy on the 19th February 2018. Post will be equally represented a Zimbabwean Flag carrier in solidarity with the HHRRM and are happy that the cry for urgent resolution is now globally...

As a registered organization dealing with Gukurahundi and other post independence political violence are extremely excited that our campaign for justice since our inception in 2000 is bearing fruits since many bodies are pressuring ED administration not to follow Mugabe's none commitment to peace,justice, rule of law,respect of human rights among others. We demand urgent conference at national level to come up with a road map on how this dark Zimbabwe episode be resolved once and all, to the satisfaction of all survivors and victims be directly or indirectly affected.[1]


In October 2017, PIST called for politicians to Stop using Gukurahundi for personal gain after then Vice President of Zimbabwe, Phelekezela Mphoko launched a program to assist the families of Gukurahundi victims but never followed through. [2]. Mafa said:

“Zanu PF has a tradition of coming up with pledges and projects that will never be implemented and we are aware of that and, as Pist, we demand that Zanu PF and other silent pretenders desist from such a dehumanising trend of campaigning by the dead with false hood.” [2]


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