Posts and Telecommunications Corporation of Zimbabwe

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Posts and Telecommunications Corporation of Zimbabwe (PTC)
Trading name
FoundedDecember 1, 1980 (1980-00-01) in Harare, Zimbabwe
FounderGovernment of Zimbabwe
HeadquartersHarare, Zimbabwe

Posts and Telecommunications Corporation (PTC) of Zimbabwe is a former government owned postal and telecommunications company which was disbanded in 2000, resulting in the creation of NetOne Zimbabwe (mobile telecommunications provider), TelOne (fixed telecommunications provider) and Zimpost (a postal services company). The company was a monopoly in telecoms, an arrangement quite common globally around the 80s and early 90s.


Posts and Telecommunications Corporation (PTC) of Zimbabwe was founded when the Postal and Telecommunications Act was created following the promulgation of the Zimbabwe Postal Services Amendment Act which through Statutory Instrument 175.

Unbundling of PTC

In 1987 legislation promulgated for the unbundling of PTC into different 3 companies and for the commercialization of their activities.

The commercialization took place in 2000 with the breaking up of PTC into TelOne, NetOne and Zimpost. All these entities are regulated by the Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe.

Will the unbundling of the company also came the opening up of the sector to private players. Two mobile operators, Telecel Zimbabwe and Econet Wireless Zimbabwe were awarded licenses to operate and became direct competition for NetOne. In fixed telecoms a company called TeleAccess founded by Daniel Shumba was awarded a license to operate but eventually failed to operationalise the license.


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