Potato, Edwin Nyaruka
Background information
Birth nameEdwin Nyaruka
Born (1972-12-20) December 20, 1972 (age 49)
Occupation(s)Zimdancehall Artist, Songwriter, Actor
Years active1991- present

Potato is one of the pioneering raggae/Zimdancehall Artists in Zimbabwe with a music career spanning close to two decades. Potato became a name to reckon with in music circles after a number of hits with prominent artists such as Andy Brown, Innocent Utsiwegota and Sister Flame.


Potato was born Edwin Nyaruka on 20 December 1972[1]


Potato started as an underground artiste in Mbare around 1991 before being roped in by Andy Brown on timeless hits such as "Mapurisa" and "Zindoga". He became so popular with his hoarse voice. He also featured on other prominent tracks done by the likes of Innocent Utsiwegota. In a solo career, Potato released a number of singles such as "kwatabva kure" on the "Afrimune First Street Riddim". In 2010 Potato released an album in which he assumed an anti-gay stance castigating them as people that needed deliverance.[1] In 2014, Potato was involved in some acting after having partnered with Kabhasikoro on a movie called "Road to Fatanity" which tried to portray how satanism had made inroads into society.

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Selling Pirated Discs

Potato was arrested in 2011 by the Zimbabwe Republic Police after the chanter was caught selling pirated discs at Five Avenue Shops in Harare. The discs also included the music of other fellow artists.


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