Some Presidential Advisory Council Members in 2019

The Presidential Advisory Council was a group of individuals brought together by President Emmerson Mnangagwa to advise him after violent mass protests in January 2019 and a violent crackdown on Zimbabweans by the military and police that followed. [1]

The council includes notable individuals in business and religious leadership such as Natalie Jabangwe (leader at EcoCash), Shingi Munyeza (outspoken cleric), Kudakwashe Tagwieri (established entrepreneur) and Trevor Ncube a media entrepreneur.

Members of Presidential Advisory Council The following have been appointed Presidential Advisory Council members:

Rejecting Appointment

One religious leader, Kenneth Mtata publicly turned down the appointment indicating he had not been approached directly his name was mentioned in association with the list on ZBC TV. He also said that he would serve the country through other platforms

It has been brought to my attention today that my name has been included on the list of individuals appointed to serve as members of the Presidential Advisory Council. The same has been announced on national television. I feel really flattered to be invited to serve the nation and President in such a role in a moment as this. My current position will however limit effective functioning in such a huge role. I have therefore humbly withdrawn my name. The President will be fully briefed of my commitment to the Nation Building agenda and I will support his efforts in other ways within my capabilities.[2]

Criticism and Calls for Resignation

Lack of reforms after PAC

Some analysts criticised the idea of the PAC as just a public relations exercise with no real intention for the government to take any advice from the members seriously for implementation.

PAC members were criticised for supposedly knowing that it was a PR exercise but choosing instead to advance their individual career and business interests ahead of real economic and social progress for Zimbabwe.

Following the lack of accountability by the government for the January 2019 crackdown violence on citizens and the deaths that resulted, there were calls for the members to resign as this was considered a clear sign that the president and government were not interested in reforming or accountability.

There were further calls for their resignation when the economy performance declined as the newly introduced Zimbabwe Dollar rapidly lost value to other currencies in mid 2019. The Exchange rate changed from about USD 1 : ZWL 2 at its introduction in February to around USD 1 : ZWL 20 in September 2019.

Kuda Tagwirei

Following the freezing of Sakunda Holdings bank accounts in mid September 2019 for apparent involvement in black market currency trading, there was criticism of the continued service of Sakunda shareholder, Kuda Tagwirei, on the PAC.

Response to criticism

The most publicly vocal of the PAC members were Shingi Munyeza, Busisa Moyo and Trevor Ncube. In response to the criticism these members said that it their role as a PAC was to advise that it was better for them to do this than to leave government leaders to make mistakes without them.


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