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Born Takudzwa Denzel Badwell Mashonganyika
  • Musician

ProBeatz is a talented rapper and is also talented at beat boxing


ProBeatz was born and raised in Harare and as of 2013, he was said to be doing his Ordinary levels at a local college.


ProBeatz rose to prominence through a local talent search show, Star Brite when he auditioned.[1] Sine then, he has performed at various functions and has not disappointed, he is also said to be in the process of coming up with an album.


ProBeatz during a live performance

Live at the DSTV launch
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In October 2015, ProBeatz won the DreamStar Zimbabwe Talent Show held at 7 Arts Theatre in Harare. He managed to win $5 000 in cash.[2]

World Championships Of Performing Arts

In July 2016, ProBeatz was part of the team that was assembled by the Zimbabwe Championships of Performing Arts, that represented Zimbabwe at the World Championships of Performing Arts held in Hollywood, United States. He was crowned the overall winner in his category and managed to win 5 gold medals and a month long scholarship worth $10 000, with the Millennium Dance Complex in Los Angeles, USA.[3]


  • Best BeatBox- Changamire Hip Hop Awards (2016)[4]

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