Prosper Chonzi

Prosper Chonzi was the director of City of Harare Health Service Director, from 2016 to the present. He was named, but cleared, in a 2017 Ministerial probe into financial misappropriation. He was Director of Health during the 2020 Covid 19 (Coronavirus in Zimbabwe) outbreak.

Personal Details

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School / Education

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Service / Career

2016 - Director of Health, CoH.

In February 2021 he was appointed acting town clerk for Harare City Council. Chonzi took over from Engineer Zvenyika Chawatama who evaded arrest after he appointed himself to the top post when town clerk Hosiah Chisango was arrested in 2020.[1]


In April, 2019, Josephine Ncube sought an amicable retirement from CoH following her suspension. Sources say she requested withdrawal of all disciplinary issues, an apology for malice, and a package so she could leave the city in peace.

She was dismissed after suspension on allegations of financial abuse after they had appeared before a disciplinary panel, after a probe initiated by government unearthed serious financial misappropriation. Along with director for finance Tendai Kwenda, and Human Capital director Cainos Chingombe. Health services director Prosper Chonzi had returned to work after being cleared by the probe team. Josephine Ncube had not appeared before the hearings due to health issues and now sources say she wants out. [2]

In November 2019, Prosper Chonzi, the CoH health services director, announced the intention to make one of its infectious diseases hospitals, Wilkins Hospital, a district hospital. Local clinics are understaffed and cannot cope with the large number of patients referred from central hospitals, where doctors are on strike, the council has said. Since government doctors downed tools beginning of September, patients have been referred to local clinics for treatment. The city would seek aid from the Health ministry to assist with funding for the project.

The move will leave infectious diseases patients in Harare with only one treatment centre, Beatrice Infectious Diseases Centre along Beatrice Road (Simon Mazorodze Road). <ref name=" Harare to turn Wilkins into district hospital"> Harare to turn Wilkins into district hospital, Newsday, Published: November 2019, Retrieved: 18 March 2020<ref>

On 14 September 2020 he was appointed the acting Town Clerk from 14 to 30 September 2020 with immediate effect by the Harare Mayor Councilor Jacob Mafume.


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