Proton Bakers is a Zimbabwean bakery headquartered in Marondera.


In 2017, Proton opened a distribution centre in Bulawayo, creating 35 jobs.[1] The company started with a delivery of 8 002 units. The Bulawayo market responded extremely positively to the proton product with established sales of about 5 000 units per day. By 2018 sales had increased gradually to about 20 000 units per day.[2]

Contacts & Social Media

  • Telephone: +263 (279) 23556[3]


In 2018 the company was reported to employ 1 200 people nationwide and 153 in Bulawayo.[2]


The bakery in 2017 had four kinds of bread lines, namely; superior white, whole wheat, gold loaf, which is a little sweeter than normal bread, and the seed loaf which is a healthy loaf of bread. They also bake hot dog rolls, burger rolls, jumbo buns, candy cakes, hot cross buns, plain buns and biscuits.[1]


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