Prudence Mabhena

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Prudence Mabhena
Prudence Mabhena
Prudence Mabhena
EducationKing George VI School
  • Musican
  • Song Writer
Notable work
  • Winning the Oscar Award for the best documentary

Prudence Mabhena is a an award-winning Zimbabwean born musician. She rose to fame with her afro-fusion music.

Educational Background

Prudence attended King George VI School for the Disabled in Harare.[1]

Music career

Prudence pursued her music career in the afro-fusion music group which she led.[2] Their road to fame started after winning the Music Crossroads provincial finals in 2006, from where they proceeded to Marondera for the national finals where they came third. As a prize, they went to compete in Mozambique in the Southern Africa finals, where again they came third.[2] Again, as a prize they went on a tour of Europe and, for between five and six weeks, they criss-crossed Sweden, the Netherlands and Belgium.[2]

In 2008, Prudence had a ground-breaking appearance at Gary Thompson's show dubbed CBZ A-Academy.

OSCAR Award 2013

In 2013, Roger Ross Williams stumbled upon Prudence's touching story and decided to do a documentary about her life, especially that Prudence was leading the eight-piece afro-fusion band comprising disabled members.[2] And the documentary, Music by Prudence, went on to win an Academy Award, commonly known as an Oscar, whereupon she was carted from Bulawayo to the bright lights of Los Angeles for the awards ceremony.[2]

In 2010, she als toured the United States of America.[2] The tour included performances and workshops. It was that tour which was to redefine the band further, as three members, Goodwill Nzou, Energy Maburutse and Honest Mupatsi were to get scholarships to study in the US.[2]

On April 20, 2013 she launched her long awaited album at the Bulawayo Theatre in a show supported by a galaxy of local stars including Africa Revenge's former frontman and Afro pop exponent Willis Wataffi who also features on the album, acappella boys Conquerors 7, singer-songwriter and producer Asaph and Velaphi Gumbo (VG) who is the album's producer and co-organiser of the launch show with one Peter Traquino.


  • Sugar Rhythms
  • Liyana
  • Ithemba Lami (gospel solo Album)
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