The Pungwe A Power Station was built in 2011 and 2012 by PGI. It is a 2.725MW scheme, taking water from the Nyamombe tributary of the Pungwe river.

Location/ Contact

The Pungwe A scheme is located in the Honde Valley at the confluence of the Nyamombe and Pungwe rivers. Honde Valley, Manica Province.

Current structure


The steel penstock has a diameter of 900mm and captures a maximum flow of 1000 litres per second at the weir on the Nyamombe river. It is returned to the river just below the confluence with the Pungwe, a distance of 2700m. The turbine is a Pelton design by Gilkes and the electricity generated is despatched into the grid via a 33KV line.
The maximum scheme output is 2.725MW and has a head of 312m. It is designed to operate at 40% of installed capacity, and generate 9 548MWh per year.


PGI own several power generation companies, including Pungwe A Power Station (Pvt) Ltd. All plants are managed by Nyangani Renewable Energy (Pvt) Ltd


The station was commissioned in January 2013.
The output is 2018 was 13 690MWh

Further Reading


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