Pungwe B Power Station (Pvt) Ltd

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The Pungwe B scheme was commissioned at the start of February 2015 and is now fully operational. Started in 2013, it took PGI 19 months to build. It is a 15MW scheme taking water from the Pungwe River.

Location/ Contact

The station is on the Pungwe River, Honde Valley, Manica Province.

Current structure


The offtake point is at 1 096m above sea level and the turbines are at 915m to give a head of 181m. The distance from the offtake point to the water returning to the river is 2000m. The scheme has a rated output of 15MW and is designed to operate at 34% of its installed capacity to generate 44,646 MWh per year.
The maximum water flow through the penstock is 12 m³/sec (cumecs, 12 000 litres per second). This feeds 4 turbines, each of 3.75MW capacity and which have an operating range of 8%-100%. Peak output will be in the January-May period which is the rainy season.
The electricity is transferred into the national grid through a new dedicated 33KV line that runs to the Nyanga 132KV substation.


PGI own several power generation companies, including Pungwe B Power Station (Pvt) Ltd. All plants are managed by Nyangani Renewable Energy (Pvt) Ltd


The Pungwe B scheme was commissioned at the beginning of February 2015.
The installed capacity is 15.0 MW.
2018 Output: 60,460 MWh.

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