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Q4U www.q4you.co is an internet based mobile application that aims to manage and co-ordinate queues in Zimbabwe. The application was originally conceived as Q-CAT at the 2014 Startup Weekend by Alistar Banks the founder of Remote Livestock Marketing System (RLMS) and worked on over the 54 hour event by a team of 6 others (Tawanda Kembo, Shaun Benjamin, Mahluleli Shambadzi, Luwiza Kusemwa, Martin Ndlovu and Arnold Mutasa).

The application allows users to book and secure a place in the queue, a problem that was very prominent in the hyper-inflation era in Zimbabwe. Targeting users that would frequently join queues to pay bills, apply for various government documents (birth certificate, passport, death certificate, etc) as well as allowing users to check their position in the queue.

Target users for the application are people that would join the queue and businesses/organisations that would want to manage the flow of traffic in their queue.