RBZ Governor John Mangudya says Zimbabwe has imported 15 million

Dr. John Mangudya, the Governor of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe has said that US $15 million was imported into Zimbabwe last week and was delivered on Friday, 6 May 2016. The money was imported to help ease the cash shortage in the country. Mangudya said this in an interview with the Sunday Mail and it was reported in the Sunday Mail of 8 May 2016.

We would also like to advise the public that the RBZ has imported more cash to the tune of US$15 million. This is money that has come in (on Friday). This US$15 million will be put into circulation and will help ease the prevailing cash shortages.[1]


  1. John Mangudya, RBZ explains bond notes, The Sunday Mail, Published:8 May 2016 , Retrieved: 10 April 2016