Reward Kangai is the former Chief Executive Officer of NetOne Zimbabwe. He was appointed Managing Director at the founding of NetOne when the former Posts and Telecommunications Corporation of Zimbabwe (PTC) was of disbanded to create TelOne, NetOne and Zimpost. In March 2016, Kangai was suspended for three months from his role as CEO following allegations of corruption at the company.[1].

Reward Kangai
Reward Kangai
Nationality Zimbabwe
  • Business Executive
Employer NetOne Zimbabwe
Known for Being NetOne CEO

In December 2017 Kangai wrote a report to President Emmerson Mnangagwa alleging that Supa Mandiwanzira had captured NetOne and POTRAZ.[2] The Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission commissioner Goodson Nguni announced in January 2018 that Mandiwanzira had been cleared by the ZACC investigations and that instead, they wanted to arrest Kangai himself. Kangai was subsequently arrested on 10 January 2018.[3]



Kangai was at PTC before the disbanding of the state owned monopoly into 3 separate operators. He then became NetOne MD.

Suspension in 2016

Allegations of corruption at NetOne first emerged after information on procurement improprieties was presented to the NetOne board by its chief finance officer, Sibusisiwe Ndlovu. The allegations included advance payments for services that were sometimes not delivered, weak accountability and a failure to enforce procedures on transactions.[1].

Earlier, in 2013, a supplier of telecommunications equipment, Tafadzwa Muguti, sued NetOne and Huawei for the improper award of a tender to Huawei by NetOne. Huawei was awarded a US $218 million tender to upgrade the NetOne network to LTE in July 2013. Muguti argued that Huawei had not gone through the official tender process and that Zimbabwe’s State Procurement Board had expressed concerns over an inflated price for the project.[4] The case was later dismissed after Muguti failed to appear for a court session in Harare in February 2014.[5]

Dismissal from NetOne

Kangai was dismissed from his position as CEO of NetOne in October of 2016 after being suspended on allegations of corruption.The team comprising of chief executive officer Mr Reward Kangai, Mrs Memory Mandiya Ndoro (executive public relations and special projects), Mr Prosper Muvengwa (executive retail and sales), Mr Lindon Nkomo (legal executive) and Mr Rafael Mushanawani (chief information officer) who were on forced leave had their contracts quashed by the NetOne board. Kangai tried in vain to overturn the board's decision.

Letter to president accusing Supa Mandiwanzira of NetOne Capture

In early January 2018 it was revealed that Kangai had written a letter to new Zimbabwe President, Emmerson Mnangagwa on 28 December 2017, detailing what he referred to as [The Birth and Growth of a cartel in the ICT sector in Zimbabwe.] In the letter, Kangai accused the ICT and Cyber Security minister Supa Mandiwanzira of abusing his office to enrich himself and a group of people around him corruptly.

Download the full letter here

Letter Aftermath and Arrest in January 2018

Supa Mandiwanzira dismissed the allegations saying that Discredited allegations by a fired former CEO implicated in corrupt activities by a PWC forensic audit can’t be the basis for an arrest.[6]

On 7 January, an article in The Standard had ZACC commissioner Godwin Nguni revealing that Mandiwanzira had been cleared of the allegations and that instead, the commission was investigating Kangai for his corrupt activities. Later, on 10 January, Kangai was arrested, apparently on corruption charges.[3]

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