Mai Sorobhi
Mai Sorobhi.jpg
BornRhoda Mtembe
EducationMutambara Primary and Secondary School
  • Actress
Known forActing as Paraffin's wife
Spouse(s)Vaxison Mtembe (Late)

Mai Sorobhi is a popular Zimbabwean actress who rose to prominence in the early 1990s with the drama series 'Paraffin' that made her a household name.


Rhoda Mtembe was married to Vaxison Mtembe who passed away in 2001. The couple were blessed with seven children and fifteen grandchildren.[1]

Acting career

Before venturing into a distinguished acting career, Mtembe worked for City of Harare as a health promoter at a clinic in Glen View and was acting in dramas that focused on child abuse, HIV and Aids. One day Aaron Chiundura Moyo (author) came to watch their drama in which she acted as a male figure. Mai Sorobhi's combination with Paraffin (Baba Sorobhi) was so perfect that many people thought that the two were married in real life.[2]

The veteran actress appeared in dramas such as “Asi Chii Nhai”, “Mwana Anokosha”, “Paraffin 1 to 3” but could not complete shooting part 4 “Nhamo” after the death of the main actor Paraffin. She said after Paraffin’s death it became difficult for her to land other opportunities in other plays. She tried to return in 2009 with a drama called “Simbimbino” that was a flop. Mai Sorobhi says her best episodes were the popular “Zino” scene when they go to hospital to seek assistance for her toothache and the other one when they get lost looking for house where they are supposed to attend a funeral in Highfield.[3]


Mai Sorobhi suffered a stroke in early 2019. Her condition has deteriorated due to her not getting physio sessions but a well wisher came to her rescue to assist in that regard.[4]


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