Richard Matimba

Richard Matimba is a musician, musician and popular comedian. Matimba became a star overnight through his viral skits 'Zvirikumbofamba Sei' in 2014. The skits became so popular nationwide through the social media such as Facebook and Whatsapp. Arguably the man of the moment, Matimba's has more than four hilarious skits, 'Mudhikoni Bhebhe', 'Chegumi', 'ZIMASSET' and the popular 'Zvirikumbofamba Sei.


Uncle Richie, as he is affectionately known is a music teacher at the Dominican Convent school in Harare. He is married and has three kids.

Acting career

Matimba started off acting in school. He became popular however with the skits. In 2014, he produced the skit Mudikoni Bhebhe. The idea behind was that he had heard that a certain pastor had cried in front of his congregants. Matinda they imagined how the pastor would have cried and recorded himself using his phone. Upon completion he made his wife listen to it. The wife was so excited that he advised him to post the skit on their 'Reunion Whatsapp group. The kit went viral across the Zimbabwean Borders. That is when he started to produce more skits.[1] After hearing his skits, popular Star FM djs Iyati and invited him to become part of their show.[2]

Music career

A trained Shona and English teacher, Uncle Richie is also a gospel musician who has one album to his name.

International Tours

In April 2014, uncle Richie and his marimba playing group toured the United Kingdom where they performed in Dubai, Sweden, Germany, Denmark as part of a cultural exchange. Organised by Kutinya Arts, the group consisted of students from Chisipite, Bishopslea and Dominican Convent schools.


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