Richard Godfrey Muirimi is a Zimbabwean entrepreneur and leading Pension Fund Administrator in Zimbabwe.. He founded Comarton Consultants in 1995 and is currently the Managing Director of the company.

Richard spearheaded the launch of the Comarton Managed Pension Funds’ Investments Consortium in 2007, an Investment Fund with over USD55 million in investable funds. The investment fund is now actively pursuing investments in alternative asset classes, primarily private equity; where the Consortium actively sponsored its introduction in the market.

He was previously the Chairman of the Zimbabwe Association of Pension Funds and Deputy Chairman of the Insurance and Pensions Commission. He was also the inaugural Non-Executive Chairman of Kingdom Financial Holdings Limited (“KFHL”) at its formation in 1995 and resigned on 1 January 2005.

Richard is a fellow of the Executive Development Program with the University of Zimbabwe and sits on a number of boards across different economic sectors, notably:

  • Brainworks Capital Management (Private) Limited, a private equity investment and advisory firm primarily focused on investing in the financial, energy, hospitality and real estate sectors where he is the Non-Executive Chairman
  • Zimre Property Investments where he is the Non-Executive Deputy Chairman.
  • Getbucks Financial Services where he is the Non-Executive Chairman.