Richmond Siyakurima
OccupationRadio Zimbabwe

Richmond Siyakurima is a Producer and Presenter at Radio Zimbabwe. Richmond hosts the Dare Revarimi, Dzekurumbidza and Musoro Wenyaya shows.



Siyakurima was born on 31 July.[1]



In 2018, Richmond Siyakurima participated in Zanu-PF primary elections to be the party's Parliamentary election candidate for Uzumba Marambapfungwe Constituency.[2] Siyakurima was not the only ZBC staffer who participated in Zanu-PF primary elections. His participation as well as his colleagues' was criticised by the opposition which said the participation of journalists in Zanu-PF primary elections was evidence that they were biased.[3]


In 2016, Richmond Siyakurima won the Zimbabwe Radio Awards (Zira) Most Popular Presenter.[4]

Murder Case

In his request for remand form Detective Sergeant Majecha, who was the investigating officer in the murder case of Lancelot Zvirongwe, a ZANU PF special interest councilor for Banket Town Council, who was allegedly murdered by two MDC councilors Emmanuel Chinanzvavana and Fani Tembo and Givemore Hodzi indicated that Zvirongwe sent Richmond Siyakurima a text message on his mobile phone alerting him about his kidnapping.

The deceased sent some messages to, Assistant Inspector Chidakwa, Richmond Siyakurima of ZBC and to DA mentioning names of accuseds (sic), read part of Majechas request for remand which he submitted before a Chinhoyi Magistrate on 26 January 2010.

Majecha said Zvirongwe's text message to Siyakurima, which read: Ndatakurwa nemabhinya asi ndaziwa Hodzi, (I have been abducted by some people but I have identified Givemore Hodzi.), implicated Hodzi as one of his assailants. It was not immediately ascertained why Richmond Siyakurima, a radio presenter on ZBC's Radio Zimbabwe was one of the people alerted by Zvirongwe concerning his abduction.[5]


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