RioZim Limited
Key people
Mr L P Chihota (Chairman)

RioZim Limited is a Zimbabwean company listed on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange. The company focuses on mining.


RioZim was incorporated on August 29, 1956, as Rio Tinto Southern Rhodesia Ltd. It was set up initially to develop and mine the Empress Nickel deposit in the Midlands and was the first mining operation to be set up outside Europe by Rio Tinto plc.

RioZim separated from Rio Tinto plc in 2004 and became a wholly owned Zimbabwean company that produces gold, coal, toll refines nickel and copper. The company is listed on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE). Since its breakaway from Rio Tinto plc, RioZim has had an eventful number of years in which it launched new vision, mission and value statements as well as having some of its operations certified for quality and adherence to world class standards in occupational health, safety and environmental management.


A proudly Zimbabwean company that aims to become a large diversified regional company delivering sustainable shareholder wealth from natural resources.


To achieve success through:

  • Optimization of existing business
  • Exploration of opportunities
  • Implementation of world-class operating standards
  • A culture of success
  • Recognition of our employees and communities
  • High standards of HSE management
  • Good corporate governance


  • Integrity
  • Fairness
  • Accountability
  • Professionalism
  • Transparency
  • Reliability
  • DiligenTeamworkitment
  • Teamwork

Rio Gold

Rio Zim has gold mines in Zimbabwe.

Renco Gold Mine

Location: Masvingo Province, Zimbabwe.

The Renco Mine is 100% owned by RioZim Limited. The mining rights are held through mining claims, a mining lease and a special grant covering a total area of 2 736 hectares. The mine is located in the South-East of Zimbabwe in Nyajena communal lands, approximately 75km southeast of Masvingo.

CAM & Motor Mine

Location: Kadoma, Zimbabwe

The Cam and Motor Gold Mine is the second project in RioGold’s operations. The mine is located in the Kadoma area of Mashonaland West Province, Zimbabwe with site covers an area totalling 1, 151 hectares.

Rio Base metals

Empress Nickel Refinery

Location: Kadoma, Zimbabwe

RioBaseMetals is comprised solely of the Empress Nickel Refinery, which it owns outright. The ENR operation is symbolic of RioZim’s journey from inception in 1956. The company initially started as a nickel and copper refinery and grew steadily with the purchase of the Cam and Motor mine in 1959, and the Sandawana Emerald mine in 1961, establishing itself as a major operator in the country. In 1964 the company’s attention returned to the ENR body when nickel prices firmed and in 1967 the company produced the first nickel refined on a commercial basis in the country.

Rio Diamonds

Murowa Diamonds

Location: South-West Zimbabwe

Murowa Diamonds is a small-scale, efficient and viable open cast diamond mining operation. Operationally we continue to achieve record production performances. Some 473,000 tonnes of ore has been processed, with a record high of 367,000 carats recovered in 2011.

Rio ernegy

Sengwa Coal Mine

Location: North Western Zimbabwe

Sengwa started out as a JV Agreement between Rio Tinto Zimbabwe Limited and RTZ Mining & Exploration Limited, signed on 22 April 1994. The JV would focus on all activities directed toward ascertaining the existence, location, quality and quantity or commercial value of deposits or products at the Sengwa site. In 1994 RioZim Limited and Rio Tinto plc entered into an agreement to regulate their direct and indirect investments in Sengwa Colliery. In terms of that agreement, each of the parties acquired 50% of the issued and allotted shares in the company.