Roland Muchengwa

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Roland Muchengwa
Roland Muchengwa.jpg
BornIsheunesu Rolen Muchegwa
Spouse(s)Mitchell Kawome (Divorced)

Roland Muchengwa (real name Isheunesu Rolen Muchegwa) is a South Africa based Zimbabwean socialite known mostly for his pictures and videos that went viral on social media in 2019. Most of the videos and pictures show him enjoying leisure time with some young women friends. The reported nature of his relationship with the young women earned him the term "blesser".

He is mostly referred to as Uncle Roland.

Muchengwa is reportedly wealthy but the nature of his wealth has not been disclosed.


Muchengwa was born in Zvishavane with the name Iseanesu Rolen and surname Muchegwa. His father worked for the Cold Storage Commission. The family relocated to Harare when Rolen was quite young and he attended Mukai High School in Highfield. He was reportedly an intelligent student.[1]

Conviction for Mbanje deal

At an unspecified time, Muchengwa was arrested and tried for Mbanje possession. He was convicted and sentenced to 2 years imprisonment. [1]

Source of Wealth

After serving his time, Muchegwa started buying second hand imported clothes and selling them, and he is said to have made a lot of money doing this.

He was later introduced to the petroleum industry by one Victor Mereki.

Following several reports that Muchengwa was a fugitive on the run from the law in Zimbabwe, Muchengwa said in October 2019 that his wealth was legitimate as it was from contracts to supply fuel in Zimbabwe and some SADC countries. He also said that he owned a mine and a "big club" in South Africa.

Marriage and Physical Abuse Allegations

Muchengwa married Briggete Mpofu and the young couple had a son named Brassington Muchegwa. Brassington later played for the Zimbabwe national Under 18 soccer team as a young man.[1]

Muchengwa eventually divorced Briggete and married Michelle Kawome, a businesswoman. This marriage too ended in divorce. He however reportedly physically abused her in 2015 an incident which resulted in Michelle sustaining several injuries on her body.

He is also reported to have assaulted late Harare lawyer Eddie Jori whom he accused of having a having an affair with Michelle.

Video Gallery

Uncle Roland Muchengwa


Roland Muchengwa with woman
Roland Muchengwa at Ginimbi's all white party
Roland Muchengwa in pool
Roland Muchengwa At All White
Roland Muchengwa Portrait
Roland Muchengwa With Friend
Roland Muchengwa With Police in South Africa
Roland Muchengwa with friend
Roland Muchengwa Holding womans Face
Roland Muchengwa All White Party Pose
Roland Muchengwa Dancing


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